Nickel disulfide NiS2 powder CAS 12035-51-7

Nickel Disulfide can be used as a potential electrolyte material in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.<br/> Particle size: -100mesh<br/> Purity: 99.99%<br/>

Product Details

Overview of nickel disulfide Nis2 powder:

Nickel sulfide Nis2 powder is an inorganic salt, insoluble in water, soluble in nitric acid and aqua regia. Nickel disulfide is an inorganic compound with a chemical formula of Nis2 and a pyrite structure. Energy and chemical materials have attracted more and more attention in recent years. It has a unique electronic structure, molecular structure and excellent optical, electrical and magnetic properties.

Application of nickel disulfide Nis2 powder:

What are the uses of nickel disulfide Nis2 powder?

Nickel disulfide Nis2 powder is used in the manufacture of nickel-containing catalysts and high-nickel alloys.

Nickel disulfide Nis2 powder is used as a catalyst to catalyze the decomposition and hydrogenation of sulfur-containing organic compounds.

In recent years, nickel sulfide Nis2 powder has increasingly become an electronic, energy and chemical material, with unique electronic structure, molecular structure and excellent rechargeable lithium battery cathode materials, photoconductive materials, and solar battery storage devices with optical, electrical and magnetic properties. , Infrared detectors, hydrodenitrogenation reaction, hydrodesulfurization reaction, etc. have broad industrial application prospects.

The price of nickel disulfide Nis2 powder:

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Suppliers of Nickel Disulfide:

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