Molybdenum disulfide MoS2 powder CAS 1317-33-5

Molybdenum disulfide is the main component of molybdenite. Black solid powder with metallic luster.</br>Chemical formula MoS 2,melting point 1185°C,density 4.80g/cm³ (14°C),Mohs hardness 1.0~1.5.</br> Particle size:80nm,1.5 microns,5 microns</br> Purity:99%

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Overview of molybdenum disulfide:

Molybdenum disulfide is an inorganic substance with the chemical formula MoS2,which is the main component of molybdenite.Black solid powder with metallic luster,Molybdenum disulfide is an inorganic substance with the chemical formula MoS2, which is the main component of molybdenum ore. Black solid powder, with metallic luster, smooth to the touch. The specific gravity is 4.8, and the Mohs hardness is 1 to 1.5. In general, the friction coefficient is 0.05~0.09. The oil absorption value is 1~1.5. Melting point is 1185℃, sublimation at 450℃. In the atmosphere, the temperature starts to oxidize gradually at around 400°C, and as the particle size becomes finer, the oxidation temperature gradually decreases, and the oxide is molybdenum trioxide. It does not dissolve in dilute acid, alkali, solvent, petroleum, synthetic grease. It can be corroded by aqua regia, concentrated sulfuric acid and boiling concentrated hydrochloric acid. Strong chemical and thermal stability. It does not chemically react with general metal surfaces and does not corrode rubber materials.

Application of molybdenum disulfide:

What is the scope of application of molybdenum disulfide?

Molybdenum disulfide is an important solid lubricant, especially suitable for high temperature and high pressure.It is also diamagnetic,can be used as a linear photoconductor and a semiconductor showing P-type or N-type conductivity,and has the functions of rectification and energy conversion.Molybdenum disulfide can also be used as a catalyst for the dehydrogenation of complex hydrocarbons.

It is also known as the"king of advanced solid lubricants."Molybdenum disulfide is a solid powder made from natural molybdenum concentrate after chemical purification and then changing the molecular structure.This product is black with a slight silver gray,metallic luster,slippery to the touch,and insoluble in water.The product has the advantages of good dispersibility and non-sticking.It can be added to various greases to form a non-sticky colloidal state,which can increase the lubricity and extreme pressure of the grease.It is also suitable for high-temperature,high-pressure,high-speed and high-load mechanical working conditions to extend equipment life.The main function of molybdenum disulfide used in friction materials is to reduce friction at low temperatures, increase friction at high temperatures,and have a small loss on ignition.It is volatile in friction materials.

Anti-friction: Molybdenum disulfide processed by supersonic jet pulverization has a particle size of 325-2500 mesh, micro-particle hardness of 1-1.5,and friction coefficient of 0.05-0.1,so it can reduce friction when used in friction materials;

Increase friction: Molybdenum disulfide is not conductive,and there are copolymers of molybdenum disulfide, molybdenum trisulfide and molybdenum trioxide.When the temperature of the friction material rises sharply due to friction, the molybdenum trioxide particles in the copolymer expand as the temperature rises to increase the friction;

Anti-oxidation: Molybdenum disulfide is obtained through chemical purification and comprehensive reaction.Its PH value is 7-8,which is slightly alkaline.It covers the surface of the friction material to protect other materials and prevent them from being oxidized,especially to make other materials not easy to fall off and enhance the adhesion;

In addition,molybdenum disulfide can also become a new material for making transistors.Compared with graphene,which is also a two-dimensional material,molybdenum disulfide has an energy band gap of 1.8 eV,while graphene does not have an energy band gap. Therefore,molybdenum disulfide may have a broad application space in the field of nano-transistors.Moreover,the electron mobility of a single-layer molybdenum disulfide transistor can reach up to about 500 cm^2/(V•s),and the current switching rate can reach 1×10^8.

The price of molybdenum disulfide:

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