Germanium Sulfide GeS2 Powder CAS 12025-34-2

Germanium sulfide is a semiconductor material with the chemical formula GeS₂. It has a certain solubility in water, easily soluble in hot alkali, and soluble in concentrated hydrochloric acid.</br> Particle size: -100mesh</br> Purity: 99.99%</br>

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Overview of germanium sulfide GeS2 powder:

Germanium disulfide, the molecular formula is GeS2. Unstable, easy to sublime and oxidize at high temperature, decompose in moist air or inert atmosphere, insoluble in water and inorganic acid (including strong acid), soluble in hot alkali, soluble in ammonia gas or vulcanized film.

The density of germanium disulfide is 2.19 g/cm3. The melting point is 800°C. It is a small white powder composed mainly of germanium disulfide (GeS2) particles. Like many closely related metal sulfides, germanium disulfide powder is currently a research topic for many researchers to study its potential in energy storage applications such as solid-state batteries.

The crystals of germanium disulfide are orthogonal. A single cell contains 24 molecules, and its size is: A = 11.66a, B = 22.34A, C = 6.86A. The accuracy is 1/2%. The space group is FDD (C2V19). The eight germanium atoms are located on the double axis. All other atoms occupy a rough position. Determine the 12 parameters involved. Each germanium atom is connected to a tetrahedron of four sulfur atoms with an atomic distance of 2.19A. The angle between the two sulfur bonds is 103°.

Application of germanium sulfide GeS2 powder:

What are the uses of germanium sulfide GeS2 powder?

Solid-state batteries: Like many closely related compounds, germanium disulfide is particularly interested in design research and manufacturers in front of them.

In particular, this material has potential value in the production of cathodes for certain types of batteries.

Sulfurized nanoparticles have great potential as high-performance lithium-sulfur batteries.

Electricity: For researchers engaged in energy storage technology, germanium disulfide has the same characteristics, which has certain potential value in the production of other components and materials used in advanced electronic technology.

Catalyst: Like many sulfides, germanium disulfide has the unique potential to produce more complex compounds for high-tech equipment and other chemical reactions.

Optical properties: Like many related materials, nano-scale sulfur provides a large number of unique optical properties, many of which are not yet fully understood.

This makes the material's research interest cover a wide range of industries and fields from electronics to photovoltaics to imaging technology.

The price of germanium sulfide GeS2 powder:

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Suppliers of germanium sulfide GeS2 powder:

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