Gallium sulfide Ga2S3 powder CAS 12042-22-5

Gallium sulfide is an inorganic compound, sulfide, whose chemical formula is Ga2S3. Slowly soluble in cold water, very easily soluble in concentrated alkali to form gallic acid ester.</br> Particle size: -80 mesh, -100 mesh</br> Purity: 99.99%</br>

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Overview of gallium sulfide Ga2S3 powder:

Gallium (III) Ga2S3 is a compound of sulfur and gallium,that is,a semiconductor with electronic and photon parts. The vulcanized ball (III) slowly decomposes in humid air and releases hydrogen sulfide, which can be used as sulfate. Titration of gallium and thiolate is formed in a strong base. Ga2S3 is not proportional to the high temperature of non-chemical measurement of sulfide, while Ga4SX (4.8<="" span="">)

Gallium sulfide (III) Ga2S3 has four polymorphs, α (hexagon), α'(mono olefins), β (hexagon), and γ (cubic). Alpha is yellow. The crystal structure is related to the position of the four sides in Zns in Zns in Zns. The crystal form of gamma-burned zinc ore (zinc mixture) is similar. 

The application of gallium sulfide Ga2S3 powder:

What are the uses of gallium sulfide Ga2S3 powder?

Sulfides (Ga2S3) belong to a group of broadband semiconductors with interesting properties of infrared and nonlinear optics. The interest in Ga2S3 material has been highly passivated by various semiconductor surfaces to enhance its electrical and optical properties. This work involves growing a microcrystalline halogen layer on a semiconductor gap substrate.

The 450°C and 600°C Ga2S3 layers were successfully obtained by reacting sulfur vapor with thin-gap semiconductor plates at two different temperatures. A lower temperature (400°C) was observed on the gallium sulfide layer. Applicable atomic force microscope and scanning electron microscope illustrate the morphology of the obtained Ga2S3 layer. Their thickness ranges from hundreds of nanometers to about 1-2 μm.

The price of gallium sulfide Ga2S3 powder:

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