Copper Sulfide CuS Powder CAS 1317-40-4

Copper sulfide is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula CuS,dark brown, extremely insoluble, is one of the most insoluble substances. </br> Particle size: -100mesh </br> Purity: 99.99% </br>

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Overview of copper sulfide CuS powder:

Copper sulfide CuS powder is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula CuS, so it is actually a mixture of cuprous sulfide and supersulfide. It is a black and brown amorphous powder or granular substance. It is extremely difficult to dissolve and is one of the most difficult to dissolve substances because its insolubility makes certain seemingly impossible reactions occur. The bonding in copper sulfide cannot be accurately described in a simple oxidation state, because the nature of the Cu-S bond is somewhat covalent rather than ionic, and has a high degree of delocalization, resulting in a complex electronic band structure.

Copper sulfide CuS powder is a compound and mineral that can be divided into three categories: monosulfide, disulfide, and mixed monosulfide. Copper sulfide CuS powder is a naturally occurring natural mineral called copper ketone. It conducts moderately. Both synthetic materials and minerals contain copper sulfide.

Copper sulfide describes a series of compounds and minerals that make up minerals and synthetic materials. Some copper sulfides are economically important ores. The main minerals of copper sulfide include Cu2S (chalcopyrite) and CuS (copper porphyry). In the mining industry, limonite or chalcopyrite composed of a mixture of copper-iron sulfide is often referred to as "copper sulfide." Chemically, "binary copper sulfide" "is any binary compound of elemental copper and sulfur. Regardless of its source, the composition of copper sulfide varies greatly at 0.5 Cu / S 2 and includes many non-stoichiometric compounds.

The application of copper sulfide CuS powder:

What are the applicable scopes of copper sulfide CuS powder?

Copper sulfide CuS used as a textile mordant, agricultural insecticide, water fungicide, feed additive, and copper plating. Solar cells, super-ion conductors, photodetectors

Conductive electrodes, photothermal spectrum analysis conversion equipment, microwave shielding coating radio wave absorbers, infrared radiation polarizers for gas sensors

The aqueous solution of ketone sulfate has a strong bactericidal effect. It is mainly used in agriculture to prevent and control various diseases such as fruit trees, malt, potatoes, rice, etc.

The effect is good, but the effect on rust and powdery mildew is poor. At the same time, it causes phytotoxicity to plants,

At the same time, it is only used on crops with strong tolerance to copper ions or fruit trees in the dormant period. It is a preventive bactericide and needs to be used before the onset of illness.

Copper sulfide CuS can also be used to remove algae in rice fields and ponds. It is also a kind of trace element fertilizer, which can improve the stability of chlorophyll and prevent the chlorophyll from being destroyed prematurely.

Promote crop absorption. When crops lack copper, they will lose green. When Guo Shu lacks copper, the fruit will be small and the flesh will become hard. In severe cases, the fruit tree will die.

Crops that are sensitive to copper are cereal crops such as wheat, barley, oats, etc.

Mainly used for seed treatment and extra-root topdressing

The price of copper sulfide CuS powder:

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Suppliers of copper sulfide CuS powder:

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