Chromium Sulfide Cr2S3 Powder CAS 12018-22-3

Chromium (III) sulfide, chemical name, brown, has two kinds of trigonal crystal system and orthorhombic crystal system..</br> Particle size: -100mesh</br> Purity: 99.99%</br>

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Overview of chromium sulfide Cr2S3 powder:

Chromium sulfide powder is an inorganic compound formulated as Cr2S3. Chromium sulfide is a brown-black solid that is insoluble in water. Chromium (III) sulfide Cr2S3 powder is an inorganic compound with the formula Cr2S3. Chromium sulfide is usually a non-stoichiometric compound with a molecular formula ranging from CRS to Cr0.67S (corresponding to Cr2S3). Chromium sulfide is usually a non-stoichiometric compound with a molecular formula of Crs to Cr0.67 (corresponding to Cr2S3). According to X-ray crystallography, chromium sulfide is a combination of nickel arsenide (stoichiometric ratio of 1:1) and cadmium (OH) 2 (stoichiometric ratio of 1:2). The Cr-Cr distance of some metal-metal bonds is 2.78 A.

Chromium sulfide Cr2S3 powder is a moderately water-soluble and acid-soluble chromium source, compatible with sulfate. Sulfates are sulfates or esters formed by replacing one or two hydrogens with metals. Unlike fluorides and oxides, which tend to be insoluble in water, most metal sulfate compounds are easily soluble in water and used for water treatment and other purposes. The organometallic form is soluble in organic solutions, and sometimes soluble in water and organic solutions.

Chromium (III) sulfide Cr2S3 powder can be prepared by reacting a stoichiometric mixture of chromium powder and sulfur powder elements at 1000°C.

Or take chromium and sulfur in a molar ratio of 2:3, and heat them in a vacuum for 1 day, then cool, pulverize, then heat in a vacuum, and then slowly cool. Place Cr2S3 briefly at 300°C, and then cool it to room temperature.

Application of chromium sulfide Cr2S3 powder:

What is the scope of application of chromium sulfide Cr2S powder?

Chromium sulfide Cr2S3 is widely used in enamel, glass, ceramics, plastics, paint coloring. Chromium sulfide Cr2S3 is also used in coatings and plastics industries, as well as electronic fluorescent materials. Cadmium yellow is suitable for coloring almost all resins, and it is translucent in plastics. The light-colored cadmium yellow containing zinc sulfide is used in polyethylene, and the molding and processing time should be shortened as much as possible, because zinc sulfide will promote the decomposition of polyethylene plastic and make it green. Cadmium yellow is not as stable as cadmium red in the room, and it is mostly used in indoor plastic products. Cadmium yellow should not be combined with pigments containing copper or copper salts, so as to avoid the formation of black copper sulfide or green copper sulfate. Cadmium yellow and blue pigments can be mixed together to get green.

High-purity sulfide, used in battery materials and semiconductor materials.Chromium sulfide Cr2S3 can be used as chemical reagents, fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, and material intermediates.

The price of chromium sulfide Cr2S3 powder:

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Supplier of chromium sulfide Cr2S3 powder:

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