Cadmium Sulfide CDS Powder CAS 1306-23-6

Cadmium sulfide is an inorganic substance with a chemical formula of CDS. It is slightly soluble in water,soluble in acid,and slightly soluble in ammonia.</br> Particle size: -60mesh or customized</br> Purity: 99.99%</br>

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Overview of cadmium sulfide CDS powder:

Cadmium sulfide is an inorganic substance with the chemical formula CDS. There are two kinds of crystals, the α form is a lemon yellow powder, and the β form is an orange-red powder. Slightly soluble in water, soluble in acid, slightly soluble in ammonia. Cadmium sulfide is a yellow solid. It has two different crystal structures in nature, namely, the rare minerals clinopyroxene and leucite, but in zinc ores with similar structures, sphalerite and wurtzite are usually used as impurity substituents, while zinc sphalerite and Wurtzite is the main economic source of cadmium. As a compound that is easy to separate and purify, it is the main source of cadmium in all commercial applications. Its bright yellow color made it a pigment for the yellow paint "Cadmium Yellow" in the 18th century.

Like zinc sulfide, cadmium sulfide has two crystal forms. More stable hexagonal wurtzite structure (found in greenstone mine) and cubic zinc mixed structure (found in Hollyite mine). In both forms, cadmium and sulfur atoms have four coordinates. There is also a high-pressure form with a NaCl rock salt structure.

Cadmium sulfide is a direct bandgap semiconductor (the energy gap is 2.42 eV). Its bandgap is close to the wavelength of visible light, giving it a colorful appearance.

Both polymorphs are piezoelectric, and the hexagon is also pyroelectric.

Cadmium sulfide crystals can be used as the gain medium of solid-state lasers.

For some types of solar cells, Cadmium sulfide can be used in combination with other layers in the form of thin films. Cadmium sulfide are also one of the first semiconductor materials used in thin-film transistors (TFT).

The Cadmium sulfide film can be a piezoelectric film and has been used as a transducer that can operate at frequencies in the GHz range. 

Application of cadmium sulfide CDS powder:

What are the applicable scopes of cadmium sulfide CDS powder?

Cadmium sulfide CDS powder is called cadmium yellow and is used to color enamel, glass, ceramics, plastics, and paint.

1. Cadmium yellow is widely used for the coloring of enamel, glass, ceramics, plastics and paint.

2. Used in paint and plastic industry, also used as an electronic fluorescent material.

3. Cadmium yellow is suitable for coloring almost all resins and is translucent in plastics.

4. As an excellent photographic developer, CDS nanoparticles can be used to detect cancer and other diseases and treat cancer cells.

5. CDS nanoparticles can be used to study the antibacterial and antifungal biological activities of various food-borne bacteria and fungi.

Nickel yellow is suitable for coloring almost all resins and is translucent in plastics. Polyethylene contains light-colored cadmium yellow containing zinc sulfide, and the molding processing time should be extended appropriately. Cadmium sulfide is mainly used as a pigment because of its good thermal stability, light resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance and high opacity. CDS and cadmium selenide are used in the manufacture of photoresistors, solar cells, photocatalysts, etc. Light-colored cadmium yellow containing zinc sulfide is used in polyethylene. Due to the presence of zinc sulfide, the molding and processing time should be shortened as much as possible. Will promote the decomposition of polyethylene plastic and make it green. Cadmium yellow is not as stable as cadmium red indoors and is mainly used in indoor plastic products. Cadmium yellow should not be mixed with pigments containing copper or copper salts to avoid the formation of black copper sulfide or green copper sulfate. Cadmium yellow and blue pigments can be mixed together to obtain green.

Cadmium sulfide CDS powder price:

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