Vanadium silicide VSi2 powder CAS 12039-87-1

Vanadium silicide is also known as vanadium disilicide, the chemical formula is VSi2. VSi2 powder is widely used in high-temperature structural materials and ultra-large scale integration.<br/> Purity: 99%<br/> Particle Size: 5-10um<br/>

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Overview of vanadium silicide VSi2:

Vanadium silicide, the chemical formula is VSi2. The molecular weight is 107.11. Metal prismatic crystals. The relative density is 4.42, insoluble in dry water and cold water, soluble in dry hydrofluoric acid, insoluble in dry 7 alcohol, 7 mi and acid. Vanadium silicide is commonly used to make acid-resistant and refractory materials.

Application of vanadium silicide VSi2:

What are the applicable scopes of vanadium silicide VSi2?

Silicide VSI2 powder vanadium has good oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in high-temperature structural materials and ultra-large-scale integration.

1. Preparation of vanadium silicide film. By implanting silicon with a large current density of vanadium metal ions, thin silicides with good performance can be directly synthesized. The sheet resistivity of high beam density implantation and high temperature annealing (1200℃) is still very low, which fully shows that vanadium silicide has good thermal stability. Transmission electron microscope observation showed that the thickness of the continuous thin layer of vanadium silicide was 80 nm.

 2. Vanadium silicide is a sound-absorbing ceramic material. The sound-absorbing surface layer is coated on the surface layer of the base layer to prepare a sound-absorbing ceramic material with sound-absorbing function and good dustproof and fire-resistant properties. Performance and service life are greatly extended.

VSi2 price of vanadium silicide:

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Vanadium silicide VSi2 suppliers:

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