Niobium silicide NbSi2 powder CAS 12034-80-9

Niobium silicide is also known as niobium disilicide, the chemical formula is NbSi2. NbSi2 powder is used for niobium silicide-based turbine components, high-temperature structural materials, etc.<br/> Purity: 99%<br/> Particle Size: 5-10um<br/>

Product Details

Overview of Niobium Silicide NbSi2 Powder:

Niobium silicide (NbSi2) is a gray hexagonal crystal. The relative density is 5.7. The lattice constant port is 0.4863nm, C = 0.6604nm. The melting point is 1950℃, the microhardness is 10.3GPa (1050kg/mm2), the Vickers hardness is 5.88~6.88GPa (600~700kg/mm2), the conductivity is 50.4×10-4 S/m, and the thermal expansion coefficient is 7.3×10-6. ℃_1. It is insoluble in water, concentrated hydrochloric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid, and easily soluble in a mixed solution of hydrofluoric acid and sulfuric acid.

Niobium silicide NbSi2 powder application:

What is the application range of niobium silicide NbSi2 powder?

Niobium silicide NbSi2 powder can be mixed with zirconium disilicate, molybdenum disilicate and tungsten trisilicate to form a solid solution, and used as a raw material for fine ceramics. Niobium silicide NbSi2 powder can also be used for niobium silicate-based turbine parts, integrated circuits, high-temperature structural materials, etc.

Niobium silicide NbSi2 powder price:

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Niobium silicide NbSi2 powder supplier:

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