Hollow glass powder

Hollow glass powder is an ultra-light inorganic non-metallic material in the form of hollow spherical powder with a particle size of 5-100μm,a wall thickness of 1-2μm,and a compressive strength of 3-125MPa.</br> Granularity:5-100um</br>

Product Details

Overview of hollow glass powder:

Hollow glass powder is a micron-sized hollow glass microsphere with a smooth surface.The main chemical component is borosilicate glass,which is a hollow transparent sphere under an electron microscope.Hollow glass beads have low density,high strength, high temperature resistance,acid and alkali resistance,low thermal conductivity,electrical insulation and other characteristics.They have good fluidity and chemical stability,and are multi-functional frontier new materials across fields.

Hollow glass powder application:

What are the uses of hollow glass powder?

Hollow glass balls can be used in marine resource development,aerospace,vehicle lightweighting,5G communications,oil and gas extraction,adhesives,coatings,wood substitutes,rubber,sports equipment,resin grinding wheels,emulsion explosives,artificial stone and other industries.

Hollow glass powder price:

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Hollow glass powder suppliers:

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