Cobalt silicide CoSi2 powder CAS 12017-12-8

Cobalt silicide is also known as cobalt disilicide, the chemical formula is CoSi2. Cobalt Silicide CoSi2 Powder has low resistivity, good thermal stability.<br/> Purity: 99%<br/> Particle Size: 5-10um<br/>

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Overview of cobalt silicide CoSi2 powder:

Cobalt disilicide, chemical formula CoSi2. The molecular weight is 115.11. Dark brown rhomboid crystals. Melting point is 1277℃, relative density is 5.3. It can be oxidized at 1200℃ and corrode the surface. It reacts with fluorine at low temperatures and with chlorine at 300°C. Hydrogen fluoride, dilute solutions, concentrated nitric acid and sulfuric acid may also be violently attacked by molten alkali. It acts slowly with boiling concentrated hydrochloric acid.

CoSi2 has low resistivity, good thermal stability, and is widely used as contacts in large-scale integrated circuits. Moreover, CoSi2 has a crystal structure similar to Si, so an epitaxial CoSi2/Si structure can be formed on a Si substrate to study the interface characteristics of epitaxial silicon metal.

Cobalt silicide CoSi2 powder application:

Scope of application of cobalt silicide CoSi2 powder

Cobalt silicide CoSi2 powder is used in optoelectronic equipment, electronic equipment, energy equipment, lasers, semiconductors, etc.

Silicide nanostructures have potentially important applications in a series of nanoelectronics: semiconductor silicide nanostructures (FeSi2) can be used to prepare nanoelectronic active devices, and may have very important applications in silicon-based nanolight emitting devices. Metal silicides (CoSi2, NiSi2) can be used as nanowires in future quantum computers and fault-tolerant terahertz nanocircuit computers. Since epitaxial silicide conductors can be prepared on a silicon substrate, compared with ordinary metal nanowires, since there are no grain boundaries, their performance will be greatly improved. Gold nanostructures can also be used in molecular electronics as single-molecule or multiple-molecule nanoelectrodes. In the process of semiconductor components,

Cobalt silicide CoSi2 powder price:

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Cobalt silicide CoSi2 powder suppliers:

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