Calcium silicide CaSi2 powder CAS 12013-56-8

Calcium silicide is also known as calcium disilicide, the chemical formula is CaSi2. Calcium silicide CaSi2 powder is used in steelmaking deoxidation, special steel additives.<br/> Purity: >99%<br/> Particle Size: 5-10um<br/>

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Overview of calcium silicide CaSi2 powder:

Calcium silicide CaSi2 is an off-white or dark gray to black solid substance with a melting point of 1033°C. It is insoluble in water, but decomposes when it meets water, producing hydrogen and calcium hydroxide. Decomposes in hot water. Calcium silicide is flammable and may ignite spontaneously in the air. Calcium silicide can be formed by reacting Ca metal and Si in an inert atmosphere at 850°C. It is a white or dark gray to black solid with a melting point between 700 and 935°C.

Application of calcium silicide CaSi2 powder:

What are the applicable ranges of calcium silicide CaSi2 powder?

Various uses of calcium silicide. Some of these include:

Calcium silicide is used to make special metal alloys, for example for phosphorus removal and as a deoxidizer.

In the pyrotechnic industry, it is used as a fuel to make special mixtures, such as smoke, flash components and impact caps.

Calcium silicide is used to make certain initiators, pyrotechnics and smoke components.

Silicon and calcium alloys are mainly used as desulfurizers and deoxidizers in the steel industry and foundry industry.

It has been found that calcium silicide is extremely corrosive to all metals including refractory metals.

By reducing the calcium oxide and dissolved carbon dioxide in the electrolyte and silica particles at the same time, calcium intermetallic silicide (CaSi 2) is formed.

Silicon-based fuels are used in certain time-delayed mixtures, such as control explosive bolts, grenades and infrared decoys. The flue gas composition usually contains hexachloroethane. During the combustion process, they will produce silicon tetrachloride, just like the titanium tetrachloride used in smoke filters, it reacts with moisture in the air to form a dense white mist. Some mixtures use gum arabic to inhibit the decomposition of calcium silicide.

The self-heating canned military rations invented during World War II used a 1:1 mixture of iron oxide and calcium silicide similar to bauxite. After the mixture is ignited, an appropriate amount of heat will be generated and no gas will be generated.

Calcium silicide CaSi2 powder price:

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Calcium silicide CaSi2 powder supplier:

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