Yttrium oxide Y2O3 powder CAS 1314-36-9

Yttrium trioxide is white with slightly yellow crystalline powder, the chemical formula is Y2O3. It is insoluble in water and alkali, soluble in acid and alcohol.<br/> Purity: 99.9%<br/> Particle Size: -100 mesh<br/>

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Overview of Yttrium Oxide Y2O3 Powder:

Yttrium oxide (Y2O3) nanoparticles are an air-stable white solid substance. It is used in the field of materials science to make phosphors that make picture tubes in televisions appear red. Another major use of yttrium oxide nanoparticles is in inorganic synthesis. In the periodic table, yttrium is located in period 5 of block D, and oxygen is located in period 2 of block P.

Application of Yttrium Oxide Y2O3 Powder:

Yttrium oxide is mainly used in the manufacture of microwave magnetic materials and important military materials (single crystal; compound oxides, such as yttrium iron garnet, yttrium aluminum garnet, etc.), as well as optical glass and ceramic material additives for coating Picture tubes, such as high-brightness phosphors for large-screen TVs.

Yttrium oxide is also used to make film capacitors and special refractory materials, as well as bubble materials such as high-pressure mercury lamps, lasers and storage elements. By adding yttrium oxide during the sintering process, the grain size of the tungsten alloy can be effectively reduced.

Used in phosphors, optical glass additives and yttrium oxide in the electronics industry; mainly used in the manufacture of magnetic bubble materials for computers, so that magnetic bubble storage devices have the characteristics of high speed, large capacity, small volume and multi-function.

Yttrium oxide is used to make special alloys, dielectric ceramics and special glasses.

In materials science, these particles have many uses, such as coloring television picture tubes. It is also used in the manufacture of plasma and flat panel displays.

Yttrium iron garnet extracted from yttrium oxide is used as a powerful microwave filter.

Yttrium oxide is an important starting point for the inorganic synthesis of compounds.

The red light-emitting properties are used to make fluorescent lamps.

They are also used in high temperature coatings, coatings to prevent UV degradation and additives in plastics, as well as in the manufacture of permanent magnets.

Ultra-fast sensor suitable for G-ray and X-ray.

Some other applications include the addition of steel, non-ferrous alloys and iron.

Yttrium oxide Y2O3 powder price:

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