Ytterbium oxide Yb2O3 powder CAS 1314-37-0

Ytterbium trioxide, molecular formula: Yb₂O₃ is used to make special alloys, ceramic dielectrics, industrial luminous carbon rods, special glass and catalysts.<br/> Purity: 99.9%<br/> Particle Size: -100 mesh<br/>

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Overview of Ytterbium oxide Yb2O3 powder :

Ytterbium oxide, namely Ytterbium oxide, molecular formula: Yb₂O₃; molecular weight: 394.08. The pure product is colorless powder, light brown or yellow when it contains thulium oxide. Slightly hygroscopic, it easily absorbs water and carbon dioxide from the air and becomes ytterbium basic carbonate. It is the weakest one in the yttrium group except for lutetium oxide. It is insoluble in water and cold acid, but soluble in hot dilute acid. It is used to make special alloys, ceramic dielectrics, industrial luminous carbon rods, special glasses and catalysts.

Ytterbium oxide Yb2O3 powder  is a white amorphous powder with slight hygroscopicity. The relative density is 9.17 and the melting point is 2346°C. Oxidation tter is insoluble in water and cold acid, but soluble in hot dilute acid. The oxidation states are divalent and trivalent. tter can be slowly oxidized by air and water at room temperature. Oxidation tter is a colorless powder, which will produce colorless salt when dissolved in acid, such as sulfuric acid and nitric acid. Trivalent ions are also colorless and paramagnetic, and have a series of sharp absorption bands in the near-infrared spectrum, which can be used for quantitative analysis. Hydrogen reduction chlorination (YbCl3) can obtain green-yellow dichloride y (YbCl2:).

Ytterbium oxide Yb2O3 powder  application:

What is the scope of application of Ytterbium oxide Yb2O3 powder?

Ytterbium oxide is a ytterbium oxide product of rare earth metal elements. Oxidation tter can be used in thermal insulation coatings, electronic materials, active device materials, battery materials and biopharmaceuticals. Oxidation tter is also used in fiber amplifiers and fiber technology and laser applications.

Used in phosphors, optical glass additives and electronics industry; mainly used in the manufacture of magnetic bubble materials for computers, so that the magnetic bubble reservoir has the characteristics of high speed, large capacity, small volume, and multi-function; used in the manufacture of special alloys and dielectrics Ceramics and special glass, etc.

Ytterbium oxide Yb2O3 powder price:

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