Spherical silica powder CAS 7440-21-3

Spherical silicon powder is purified by natural quartz(SiO2)or fused quartz(amorphous SiO2 after natural quartz has been melted and cooled at high temperature) after crushing,ball milling (or vibration,jet milling),flotation,pickling purification,and high purity water Processing and other processes are processed.Spherical silicon powder has the characteristics of high purity,narrow particle size distribution,high sphericity,and low cut point.</br> Purity:99.9%</br> Shape:spherical</br> Size:300nm</br>

Product Details

Overview of spherical silica SiO2 powder:

Spherical silicon SiO2 powder is a non-toxic,odorless,non-polluting inorganic non-metallic material.It is made of natural quartz(SiO2)or fused quartz (amorphous SiO2 after high temperature melting and cooling of natural quartz) after being crushed and ball milled( Or vibration,jet mill),flotation,pickling purification,high-purity water treatment and other processes.In short,ultrafine pulverization and purification are two important links in the preparation of silicon micropowder. Natural quartz mineral contains a large number of inclusions and cracks.The use of ultra-fine pulverization technology can greatly reduce the number of cracks and defects.Combined with the purification process, the content of harmful impurities can be better reduced.In terms of current pulverization technology, the equipment available for natural quartz minerals includes ball mills,stirring mills,jet mills,and vibration mills. Ball mill and vibrating mill plus classifier system,the product particle size is small and the system adjustment is more flexible.

Why spheroidize? First of all ,the surface of the ball has good fluidity,which is uniformly mixed with the resin to form a film.The amount of resin added is small,and the fluidity is the best.The filling amount of the powder can reach the highest,and the weight ratio can reach 90.5%.Therefore, spheroidization means silicon SiO2 powder With the increase of the filling rate,the higher the filling rate of silicon micropowder,the smaller the thermal expansion coefficient and the lower the thermal conductivity,and the closer to the thermal expansion coefficient of monocrystalline silicon,the better the performance of electronic components produced therefrom.Secondly,the spheroidized plastic molding compound has the least stress concentration and the highest strength.When the stress concentration of the angular powder molding compound is 1,the stress of the spherical powder SiO2 is only 0.6.Therefore,when the spherical powder molding compound encapsulates the integrated circuit chip,the yield rate High,and it is not easy to produce mechanical damage during transportation,installation and use. Third, the spherical SiO2 powder has a small friction coefficient and less wear on the mold, which makes the mold have a long service life. Compared with the angular powder,the service life of the mold can be doubled.The packaging mold of the plastic compound is expensive.

As a functional powder filling material with excellent performance,silicon powder is widely used in the copper clad laminate industry,epoxy plastic packaging material industry,electrical insulation material industry and adhesive industry,etc.The rapid development of downstream copper clad laminate and epoxy plastic packaging materials has stimulated silicon The demand for micro-powder continues to increase.With the promotion of 5G and the semiconductor industry,related products are developing in a more sophisticated direction,and the requirements for the performance and quality of silicon micropowder are getting higher and higher,and mass production can be formed.

Application of spherical silica SiO2 powder:

What are the uses of spherical silica powder?

Spherical silicon SiO2 powder technology is a natural high-quality powdered quartz mineral as the basic raw material. It is made by two main processes:1.Using sol-gel technology,in the presence of dispersant and spherical catalyst,it is prepared to meet the requirements of electronic packaging materials The high-purity spherical nano-amorphous silicon powder ; 2,the use of flame method or ion flame method to melt into spherical amorphous silicon powder.In the high-end user market,such as integrated circuit packages are made using the second process.

Spherical silicon SiO2 powder is mainly used for large-scale integrated circuit packaging.Spherical silica SiO2 powder is also used in high-tech fields such as aviation,aerospace,fine chemicals,rewritable discs,large-area electronic substrates,special ceramics and daily cosmetics.It is used in epoxy resin systems.As a filler,it can save a lot of epoxy resin.The market prospect of spherical silica SiO2 powder is broad. Experts predict that by 2010,my country's demand for spherical silicon SiO2 powder alone will reach 20,000 to 30,000 tons,and high-purity silicon powder SiO2 will be 100,000 tons,with an average annual growth rate of more than 20%.The world's demand for spherical silica SiO2 powder will exceed 300,000 tons,worth tens of billions.With the rapid development of my country's microelectronics industry,large-scale and ultra-large-scale integrated circuits have higher and higher requirements for packaging materials,not only requiring ultra-fine,but also requiring high purity,especially for particle shapes.

The price of spherical silica SiO2 powder:

The price of spherical silica powder varies randomly with production costs, transportation costs, international conditions, exchange rates, and market supply and demand of spherical silica SiO2 powder. Tanki New Materials Co. ,Ltd aims to help all industries and chemical wholesalers find high-quality products by providing a full range of products. If you are looking for spherical silica SiO2 powder, please contact us for the latest price of spherical silica SiO2 powder.

Suppliers of spherical silica powder:

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