Oxidized Europium oxide Eu2O3 powder CAS 1308-96-9

Europium (III) oxide (Eu2O3) is a compound of europium and oxygen. Widely used as red or blue phosphors for television sets and fluorescent lamps, and as an activator of yttrium-based phosphors.<br/> Purity: 99.9%<br/>

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Overview of Europium oxide Eu2O3 powder:

Oxidation ((Eu2O3) is also an auxiliary agent for the production of fluorescent glass. Fluorescence is used as anti-counterfeiting phosphor on Euro banknotes. Oxidation p has two common structures: monoclinic and cubic structure, similar to manganese oxide (III) Oxidation can react with acid to form the corresponding euro(III) salt.

Oxidation ((Eu2O3) is a red-white crystalline powder. The melting point is 2050°C. It is insoluble in water, soluble in inorganic acid, and stable in dry and humid air. It has a NAC1 type structure. It is ferromagnetic and high resistivity in T-68K. Substances. Semiconductors. Excessive oxygen becomes an insulator. Excess becomes a metal

Oxidized Europium oxide Eu2O3 powder application:

What are the uses of Europium oxide Eu2O3 powder?

For europium oxide, a phosphor as a raw material can be used.

Oxidation  is used in color cathode ray tubes, color television picture tubes, computer monitors, tri-color fluorescent lamps, new long afterglow displays and other fields, as well as stimulated emission phosphors in new X-ray medical diagnostic systems;

Oxidation can also be used to make colored lenses, optical filters, and magnetic bubble storage devices;

Oxidation p is also a very important material in the control, shielding and structural materials of atomic reactors.

P oxide is widely used as red or blue phosphors for televisions and fluorescent lamps, and can also be used as an activator for yttrium-based phosphors. P oxide is also an additive in the production of fluorescent glass.

Europium oxide Eu2O3 powder price:

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Oxidized Europium oxide Eu2O3 powder supplier:

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