Oxidized Er Er2O3 powder CAS 12061-16-4

Erbium oxide is a pink powder with the chemical formula Er2O3. It is easy to absorb moisture and carbon dioxide. When heated to 1300℃, it transforms into hexagonal crystal and does not melt.<br/> Purity: 99.9%<br/> Particle Size: -100 mesh<br/>

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Overview of oxidized Er Er2O3 powder:

Oxidized Er Er2O3 powder is a pink powder with a chemical formula of Er2O3. It easily absorbs moisture and carbon dioxide, and becomes a hexagonal crystal when heated to 1300 ℃, and does not melt. Synthesize than oxide from lanthanum lanthanum metal. In 1843, it was partially isolated by Carl Gustaf Mosander. In 1905, Georges Urbain and Charles James proved for the first time that it has a pure pink cubic crystal structure. Oxidation can also be hexagonal under certain conditions.

Er Er2O3 powder application:

What are the uses of Er Er2O3?

Erbium oxide is mainly used as an additive for yttrium iron garnet and as a control material for nuclear reactors. It is also used to make special light-emitting glass and infrared absorption glass. It is also used as a glass colorant. The only stable compound is Er2O3. Oxidation is a powdery substance with a cubic and monoclinic structure centered on the body. The magnetic moment of Er2O3 is also larger, 9.5MB. Other properties and preparation methods of oxidation properties are the same as those of lanthanides. Oxidation can be made into pink glass.

Oxidized Er Er2O3 powder price:

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Oxidized Er Er2O3 powder supplier:

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