Magnesium diboride MgB2 powder CAS 12007-25-9

Magnesium diboride MgB2 is an ionic compound with a crystal structure of hexagonal crystal system. It is an intercalated compound, with alternating layers of magnesium and boron.<br/> Purity>99%<br/> Particle size: 5-10um<br/>

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Overview of magnesium diboride MgB2 powder:

Magnesium diboride (magnesium diboride) turns into a superconductor at a temperature slightly close to the absolute temperature of 40K (ie -233°C). Its transition temperature is almost twice that of other superconductors of the same type, and its actual working temperature is 20~30K. To reach this temperature, liquid neon, liquid hydrogen or a closed-cycle refrigerator can be used to complete the cooling. These methods are simpler and cheaper than the industrial cooling of niobium alloys (4K) with liquid helium. Once doped with carbon or other impurities, magnesium boride can maintain superconductivity no less than that of niobium alloys, or even better, in the presence of a magnetic field or current passing through. Its potential applications include superconducting magnets, power transmission lines, and sensitive magnetic field detectors.

Application of magnesium diboride MgB2 powder:

What are the uses of magnesium diboride MgB2 powder?

Potential applications of magnesium diboride include superconducting magnets, power transmission lines and sensitive magnetic field detectors.

Magnesium diboride is the focus of new materials. The research mainly focuses on the properties of synthesis and superconducting elements for industrial synthesis and sintering properties, electrical conductivity at room temperature, and the corrosion resistance of aluminum fluoride to liquid aluminum. There are few studies on corrosivity, so MgB2 and its composite materials will never appear in the coverage of the aluminum electrolytic cathode area.

MgB2 is easier to sinter and densify than TiB2, and its conductivity basically meets the requirements of aluminum electrolytic cathodes. Therefore, MgB2 and its composite materials are likely to be widely used as cathode materials for aluminum electrolysis.

Propellants, explosives, pyrotechnics: Unlike boron, which burns incompletely through the glass oxide layer that prevents oxygen diffusion, magnesium diboride burns completely in oxygen or oxidant mixtures. Therefore, magnesium boride has been proposed as a fuel for ramjet engines. In addition, for the same reason, it has been proposed to use MgB2 in enhanced explosives and propellants.

Price of Magnesium Diboride MgB2 powder:

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Suppliers of magnesium diboride MgB2 powder:

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