Lanthanum Oxide La2O3 CAS 1312-81-8

The molecular formula of lanthanum oxide is La2O3. Mainly used to manufacture precision optical glass and optical fiber.</br> Purity: 99.9%</br> Particle size: -100mesh</br>

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Overview of lanthanum oxide La2O3 powder:

Lanthanum (III) oxide. Lanthanum oxide is a chemical substance with a chemical formula of La2O3. Slightly soluble in water, and produce the corresponding salt. Exposure to the air easily absorbs carbon dioxide and water, and gradually becomes lanthanum carbonate. Combustion of lanthanum oxide and water will give off a lot of heat. Mainly used to manufacture precision optical glass and optical fiber. Is La2O3 an ionic compound or a covalent compound? Therefore, La2O3 is more ionic and Lu2O3 is more covalent. As the size decreases from La to Lu, the stability of the oxygen-containing salt also decreases.

Lanthanum oxide is an odorless white solid, insoluble in water but soluble in dilute acid. According to the pH value of the compound, different crystal structures can be obtained. La2O3 is hygroscopic. In the atmosphere, over time, it absorbs water and becomes lanthanum hydroxide. Lanthanum oxide has p-type semiconductor characteristics, with a bandgap of approximately 5.8 eV. Its average room temperature resistivity is 10kΩ·cm, which decreases with increasing temperature. Among rare earth oxides, La2O3 has the lowest lattice energy and a dielectric constant of 27.

Application of lanthanum oxide La2O3 powder:

What are the uses of lanthanum oxide La2O3 powder?

Lanthanum oxide is an inorganic compound containing rare earth elements lanthanum and oxygen. It is used in certain ferroelectric materials, as a component of optical materials, as a raw material for certain catalysts and other purposes. Other applications of lanthanum oxide: mainly used in the manufacture of precision optical glass with special alloys, high-refractive fiberboards, and prisms for cameras, cameras, microscope lenses, and advanced optical instruments.

Lanthanum oxide is also used to make ceramic capacitors, piezoelectric ceramic additives, and X-ray luminescent materials, such as lanthanum bromide oxide powder.

Lanthanum oxide is used as a catalyst for various reactions, such as the oxidation of carbon monoxide when doped with cadmium oxide and the hydrogenation of carbon monoxide to methane.

Lanthanum oxide impregnated with lithium oxide or zirconium oxide (1%) can be used to make ferrite magnets.

Lanthanum oxide is a very effective and selective catalyst for the oxidative coupling of methane to ethane and ethylene.

Lanthanum oxide is used to improve the temperature dependence and dielectric properties of barium titanate (BaTiO3) and strontium titanate (SrTiO3) ferroelectric materials, as well as to manufacture optical fiber devices and optical glass.

The price of lanthanum oxide La2O3 powder:

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Suppliers of lanthanum oxide La2O3 powder:

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