Indium tin oxide ITO powder CAS 50926-11-9

ITO is an N-type oxide semiconductor-indium tin oxide. The ITO film, which is an indium tin oxide semiconductor transparent conductive film, usually has two performance indicators: resistivity and light transmittance.<br/> Particle Size: 20nm<br/> Purity: 99.9%<br/>

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Overview of Indium Tin Oxide ITO powder:

The main characteristic of indium tin oxide ITO powder is its combination of electrical conductivity and optical transparency. However, compromises need to be made in thin film deposition, because a high concentration of charge carriers will increase the conductivity of the material, but will reduce its transparency.

Indium tin oxide  ITO powder thin films are most commonly deposited on the surface by physical vapor deposition or some sputtering deposition techniques.

Because of the high price and limited supply of indium, the fragility and lack of flexibility of ITO layers, and the need for vacuum for expensive layer deposition, other substitutes are being sought. Carbon nanotube conductive coating is a promising alternative (graphene is the best alternative). This type of coating is being developed by Eikos as a cheaper and more mechanically robust alternative to ITO. PEDOT and PEDOT:PSS have been manufactured by Agfa and H.C. Starck. The PEDOT:PSS layer has entered the application stage (but it also has some other shortcomings that it degrades when exposed to ultraviolet radiation). Other possibilities include such as aluminum-doped zinc oxide.

Indium tin oxide ITO powder applications:

Indium tin oxide ITO powder is mainly used to make liquid crystal displays, flat panel displays, plasma displays, touch screens, electronic paper, organic light-emitting diodes, and solar cells, and antistatic coatings and transparent conductive coatings for EMI shielding.

Indium tin oxide ITO powder is also used in various optical coatings, the most notable ones are infrared-reflective coatings (hot mirrors) in architecture, automobiles, and sodium vapor lamp glass. Other applications include gas sensors, anti-reflection films, and Bragg reflectors for VCSEL lasers.

Indium tin oxide ITO powder thin film stress gauges can be used in harsh environments above 1400°C, such as gas turbines, jet engines, and rocket engines.

Indium tin oxide ITO powder film deposited on the windshield is used to defrost the windshield of the aircraft. Heat is generated by applying voltage to the film.

 Indium tin oxide ITO powder is also used in various optical coatings, the most famous being infrared reflective coatings (hot mirrors) used in automotive and sodium vapor lamp glass. Other uses include gas sensors, anti-reflective coatings, electrowetting on dielectrics, and Bragg reflectors for VCSEL lasers. ITO is also used as an infrared reflector for low emissivity window panes. Starting from Kodak DCS 520, later Kodak DCS cameras also use ITO as a sensor coating to enhance the response of the blue channel.

Indium tin oxide  ITO powder price:

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Indium tin oxide ITO powder suppliers:

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