Germanium Oxide GeO2 Powder CAS 1310-53-8

Germanium dioxide, the molecular formula GeO2, is a white powder. Mainly used to make metal germanium, also used for spectral analysis and semiconductor materials.</br> Purity: 99.99%, 99.999%</br> Particle size: 100mesh-300mesh</br>

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Overview of Germanium Oxide GeO2 powder:

Germanium Oxide GeO2 is also called Germanium dioxideGermanium dioxide is an inorganic compound with the molecular formula GeO2, which is the dioxide of germanium and has the same electronic form as carbon dioxide. Germanium dioxide, also known as germanium oxide, germanium, germanium salt, is an inorganic compound. It is the main commercial source of germanium. It also forms a passivation layer when pure germanium is in contact with atmospheric oxygen.

Germanium dioxide GeO2 powder is a white powder or colorless crystal, with two kinds of hexagonal (stable at low temperature) and insoluble tetragonal (tetragonal) systems, and the transition temperature is 1033℃. Germanium dioxide is mainly used in the production of metal germanium, also used in spectral analysis and semiconductor materials.

Germanium dioxide GeO2 powder is tetragonal, hexagonal or amorphous. Hexagonal crystals are isomorphic to β-quartz, and germanium is tetragonal. The tetragonal crystals have a super quartz-type structure, similar to rutile, in which germanium is hexagonal. Under high pressure, amorphous germanium dioxide is transformed into a hexagonal coordination structure. With the decrease of pressure, germanium dioxide gradually changes into a tetra-coordination structure. The rutile type germanium dioxide can be transformed into another orthogonal-crystal calcium chloride type structure under high pressure.

The two main crystalline forms of GeO2 are hexagonal and tetragonal. The hexagonal GeO2 has the same structure as β quartz and the germanium coordination number is 4.Tetra-GeO2 (a soft mineral) has the rutile-like structure commonly found in stibnite. The coordination number of germanium in this subject is 6. The amorphous (glassy) form of GeO2 is similar to that of molten silica.

Germanium dioxide GeO2 powder can be prepared in both crystalline and amorphous forms. Under ambient pressure, the amorphous structure is formed by a network composed of GEO4 tetrahedron. When the pressure increases to about 9 GPa, the average coordination number of germanium from a steady increase in 4 to 5, at the same time, the distance of germanium - o keys corresponding increase under high pressure, reach about 15 GPa, germanium coordination number increased to 6, dense network structure composed of GeO6 octahedron when pressure falls, then back to the tetrahedron form structure. At high pressure, the rutile form is converted to the orthogonal CaCl2 form.

Germanium dioxide GeO2 powder is insoluble in water and hydrochloric acid, but soluble in lye to form germanate. Rutile-like germanium dioxide is more soluble in water than germanium dioxide, and Germanic acid can be produced when it reacts with water. When germanium dioxide is coated with germanium powder at 1000°C, germanium monoxide can be obtained.

Application of Germanium Oxide GeO2 powder:

What are the application fields of germanium oxide GeO2 powder?

Germanium oxide, germanium dioxide GeO2 powder is a highly insoluble thermally stable germanium source suitable for glass, optical and ceramic applications.GeO2 is preferred over other infrared clear glasses because of its superior mechanical strength and is, therefore, more suitable for rugged military applications.

Germanium dioxide GeO2 powder is used as a catalyst in the production of polyethylene terephthalate resins, as well as in the production of other germanium compounds.

Germanium dioxide GeO2 powder is used as a raw material in the production of some phosphors and semiconductor materials. In addition, germanium dioxide is used to make germanium and is also used in the electronics industry. Used as a semiconductor material.

The refractive index (1.7) and optical dispersion properties of germanium dioxide enable it to be used as an optical material for wide-angle lenses, optical microscope objectives and fiber wire cores. See Fiber Optic for a detailed manufacturing process. Germanium and its glass oxide GeO2 are both transparent to infrared spectra. The glass can be made into infrared Windows and lenses for use in military applications, luxury cars and night vision technology for thermal imaging cameras.

Germanium dioxide GeO2 powder is used as the raw material of germanium metal and other germanium compounds, as a catalyst for the preparation of poly (ethylene terephthalate) resins, as well as for spectral analysis and semiconductor materials. Can produce optical glass phosphors, can be used as a catalyst for petroleum refining conversion, dehydrogenation, gasoline distillate adjustment, color film and polyester fiber production.

Not only so, but germanium dioxide or polymerization catalyst, glass containing germanium dioxide also has a high refractive index and dispersion performance, as a wide angle lens camera and microscope, with the development of technology, germanium dioxide is widely used in the production of high purity metal germanium, germanium compounds, chemical catalysts and pharmaceutical industry, PET resin, electronic devices, etc, It is important to note that germanium dioxide, although similar in form to organic germanium (GE-132), is toxic and should not be ingested.

In algal culture, germanium dioxide GeO2 powder is used to inhibit the growth of diatoms that are not needed in algal culture because pollution from relatively fast-growing diatoms tends to inhibit or exceed the growth of the original algal strain.GeO2 is easily absorbed by diatoms, resulting in silicon being replaced by germanium in the internal biochemical process of diatoms, leading to a significant decrease in the growth rate of diatoms, or even complete disappearance, with almost no effect on non-diatom species.

Germanium Oxide GeO2 powder Price:

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