Cu2O powder CAS 1317-39-1

Cuprous oxide is a bright red powder that is almost insoluble in water.It is decomposed into divalent copper and copper in acid solutions,and gradually oxidized into black copper oxide in humid air.<br/> Purity:99%<br/> Particle size:50nm,micron<br/>

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Overview of cuprous oxide Cu2O powder:

Cuprous odxie,whose chemical formula is Cu2O,is an oxide of monovalent copper.It is a bright red powdery solid,almost insoluble in water.It disproportionates to divalent copper and copper element in acidic solution,and gradually oxidizes to black in humid air.Copper oxide.This brown red solid powder is a component of some antifouling paints.Cuprous nanoparticles is a stable,red solid powder formed by the reduction of Cu2+ solutions and contains Cu+ ions in linear coordination to oxygen.

Application of cuprous oxide Cu2O powder:

What is the scope of application of copper oxide Cu2O powder?

Cuprous oxide Cu2O nano-particle copper oxide is commonly used as a pigment for marine pigments,fungicides and antifouling agents.

1.Suitable for pesticides.

2.Suitable for antibacterial fibers and clothes.

3.Cuprous oxide is also suitable for agricultural fungicides.

4.As an antiseptic,it is suitable for ship primer to prevent pollution and microorganisms.

5.Used in the manufacture of various copper salts and analytical reagents.

6.Used as a catalyst for organic synthesis.

Cuprous oxide Cu2O powder is used to make antifouling paint on the bottom of ships (to kill low-level marine animals). Used as a fungicide, ceramic and enamel coloring agent, red glass coloring agent, and also used in the manufacture of various copper salts, analytical reagents and rectifier electroplating in the electrical industry, crop bactericide and rectifier materials. Cuprous oxide is also commonly used as a catalyst for the synthesis of organic compounds.

The price of cuprous oxide Cu2O powder:

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Suppliers of cuprous oxide Cu2O powder:

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