Cobalt Hydroxide CAS 21041-93-0

Cobalt hydroxide is a rose red monoclinic or tetragonal crystal system.Soluble in acid and ammonium salt solution,insoluble in water and alkali.Reacts with some organic acids to produce the corresponding cobalt soap.<br/> The density:3.597g/cm3.<br/> The melting point:1100~1200℃.<br/>

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Overview of cobalt hydroxide:

Nano cobalt hydroxide is a rose-red monoclinic or tetragonal crystal.The density is 3.597g/cm3.The melting point is 1100~1200℃.Soluble in acid and ammonium salt solution,insoluble in water and alkali.Reacts with some organic acids to produce the corresponding cobalt soap.

Chinese name:cobalt hydroxide

English name:cobalt hydroxide

Molecular formula:Co(OH)2,

Molecular weight:93.95.

Nano-cobalt hydroxide production method 1.Synthesis method: Cobalt-containing waste material method Various cobalt-containing waste materials are dissolved in nitric acid and hydrochloric acid,and the obtained cobalt chloride solution is purified by hydrogen peroxide to remove iron,and sodium carbonate or ammonia water is added if necessary to ensure purification complete.The purified cobalt chloride solution is added with sodium hydroxide to generate cobalt hydroxide,which is then washed and centrifuged to obtain a cobalt hydroxide product.Its Co+2HCl→CoCl2+H2


2.Electrolysis:Take cobalt as anode and electrolyze salt solution.

Cobalt hydroxide application:

What are the applicable scopes of cobalt hydroxide?

Cobalt hydroxide is mainly used in chemical production to produce cobalt salts,cobalt-containing catalysts and electrolytic method to produce hydrogen peroxide decomposition agent;paint industry as paint drier;glass enamel industry as coloring agent,etc.Used for making cobalt salt,cobalt catalyst,impregnating solution for battery electrode and paint desiccant;used for coloring glass and enamel,making cobalt compound,and desiccant of paint and varnish.

The price of cobalt hydroxide:

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Suppliers of cobalt hydroxide:

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