Bi2O3 bismuth oxide powde CAS 1304-76-3

The main applications of bismuth oxide are electronic ceramic powder materials,electrolyte materials,photoelectric materials,high-temperature superconducting materials,and catalysts.</br> Purity:99.99%</br> Particle size:100mesh-300mesh</br>

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Overview of bismuth oxide Bi2O3 powder:

Bi2O3 bismuth oxide powder is one of the most important bismuth compounds.It has excellent dielectric properties,high oxygen fluidity,large energy gap,high refractive index,significant photoconductivity and photoluminescence,and is an advanced Functional materials;

The pure product of bismuth trioxide has α type and β type.The α type is yellow monoclinic crystal with a relative density of 8.9 and a melting point of 825°C.Soluble in acid, insoluble in water and alkali.β type is bright yellow to orange,cubic crystal system,relative density 8.55,melting point 860°C,soluble in acid but insoluble in water.Easily reduced to metallic bismuth by hydrogen,hydrocarbons,etc.

Application of bismuth oxide Bi2O3 powder:

What is the application range of bismuth oxide Bi2O3 powder?

Used to prepare bismuth salt;used as electronic ceramic powder material,electrolyte material, photoelectric material,high temperature superconducting material,catalyst.As an important additive in electronic ceramic powder materials,bismuth oxide usually requires a purity greater than 99.15%.The main applications are zinc oxide varistors,ceramic capacitors,ferrite magnetic materials;and glaze rubber compounding agent,medicine,red glass compounding agent,etc.

Bismuth oxide Bi2O3 powder is widely used in the electronics industry,chemical industry,glass industry,plastic industry,ceramic glaze and other material industries,such as electronic ceramic powder materials,electrolyte materials,magnetic materials,photoelectric materials,high-temperature superconducting materials,catalysts ,Fireproof materials(firepro of paper),nuclear reactor fuel,firework materials,radiation protection materials,ceramic packaging materials,etc.

The price of bismuth oxide Bi2O3 powder:

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Suppliers of bismuth oxide Bi2O3 powder:

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