Titanium nitride TiN powder CAS 25583-20-4

Titanium nitride is known as TiN powder,the melting point is higher than that of most transition metal nitrides,but the density is lower than most metal nitrides,so it is a heat-resistant material.</br> Purity:99.5%</br> Particle Size:1-3um</br>

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Overview of titanium nitride:

Titanium nitride(TiN)is a very hard ceramic material,usually used as a coating for titanium alloys,steel,carbides and aluminum components to improve the surface properties of the substrate.The Vickers hardness of TiN is 1800-2100, The elastic modulus is 251 GPa,the thermal expansion coefficient is 9.35×10-6 K-1,and the superconducting transition temperature is 5.6K.

Application of titanium nitride:

What are the applicable scopes of titanium nitride?

Titanium nitride(TiN)is a fairly stable compound that does not react with metals such as iron,chromium,calcium and magnesium at high temperatures.TiN crucibles do not react with acidic slag and alkaline slag under CO and N2 atmospheres,so TiN Crucible is an excellent container for studying the interaction between molten steel and some elements.TiN loses nitrogen when heated in a vacuum and produces titanium nitride with a lower nitrogen content.

TiN has an attractive golden yellow color.Titanium nitride(TiN) has high melting point,high hardness,good chemical stability,small wettability with metal,and has high electrical conductivity and superconductivity.Titanium nitride(TiN)can be applied to high temperature structural materials and superconductivity.material

Titanium nitride is a hard ceramic material used for coating on titanium alloy,steel,carbide and aluminum parts.Due to its golden yellow surface,it can be used for jewelry and high-performance ceramic materials,as well as scalpels And plastic surgery bone saw blades and other medical equipment. In addition,it is also used as a conductive barrier for microelectronics and electrodes in bioelectronic applications.

TiN is used as a thin coating to harden and protect cutting and sliding surfaces, for decorative purposes(due to its golden appearance),and as a non-toxic exterior for medical implants.In most applications,the applied coating thickness Less than 5 microns(0.00020 inches).TiN is usually used in steel,hardened steel and stainless steel materials that require high wear resistance and lubricity.TiN is an important material for physical vapor deposition coatings, which is very suitable for applications that use expensive tools (such as injection molding, sawing,tapping) And molding).

The coating is also used in many medical(implants, surgical instruments, etc.)and food processing applications. TiN can be easily peeled and recoated.It can be peeled and recoated.

Manufacturing plastic packaging materials,such as PET bottles.

In the solar vacuum tube,the absorbed sunlight is very large.

The high temperature furnace is used for energy consumption.

Make prostheses,biological materials.

Manufacturing optical equipment in harsh environments.

Used as alloy modifier in cemented carbide.

The price of titanium nitride:

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Suppliers of titanium nitride:

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