Tantalum Nitride TaN powder CAS 12033-62-4

Tantalum nitride is a chemical material used to make precision chip resistors, while tantalum nitride resistors can resist water vapor erosion.<br/> Purity: 99%<br/> Particle Size: 5-10um<br/>

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Overview of tantalum nitride TaN powder:

Tantalum nitrideTaN powder is a chemical material with a molecular formula of TaN and a molecular weight of 194.95.The material used to make precision thin-layer resistors resistant to water vapor. During integrated circuit manufacturing,these films are deposited on top of silicon wafers to form thin film surface mount resistors.Tantalum nitride TaN powder is a black hexagonal crystal.The relative density is 13.4, the melting point is 3090℃,the microhardness is 1100kg/mm2,the thermal conductivity is 9.54W/(m•K), and the resistivity is 128μΩ•cm.

Tantalum nitrideTaN powder is a sodium chloride type yellow-green crystal with a relative density of 15.6.The lattice constants are A = 0.4336nm and C = 0.4150nm.The melting point is 2950℃,the microhardness is 3200kg/mm2,and the transition point temperature is 17.8K.

Insoluble in water and acid,slightly soluble in aqua regia,soluble in potassium hydroxide,decomposes to release ammonia,and nitrogen is released when heated to 2000°C.

Application of tantalum nitride TaN powder:

What are the applicable scopes of tantalum nitride TaN powder?

The material used to make precision chip resistors,tantalum nitride resistors can resist the erosion of water vapor.

Used as a superhard material additive to prepare pure tantalum pentachloride:used for spraying to increase the electrical stability of transformers,integrated circuits,and diodes

Tantalum nitride TaN powder is sometimes used in integrated circuit manufacturing to form a diffusion barrier or "glue" layer between copper or other conductive metals. In the case of BEOL treatment (approximately 20 nm), the copper is first covered with tantalum, and then TaN is coated by physical vapor deposition (PVD). Before mechanical processing (grinding/polishing), more copper is applied to the barrier coating by PVD, and then electrolytic coating is filled on it.

Tantalum nitride TaN powder is also suitable for thin-film resistors. Compared with nickel-chromium resistors, it has the advantage of forming a moisture-proof passivation oxide film.

Tantalum nitride TaN powder can be used as an additive for superhard materials to produce pure tantalum pentachloride, which can be used for spraying and improving the electrical stability of transformers, integrated circuits and diodes.

The price of tantalum nitride TaN powder:

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