Nitrided dium ScN powder CAS 25764-12-9

Scandium nitride is known as ScN powder. Scandium nitride ScN powder is used as an additive for special alloys and non-ferrous metals and high refractive index metal epitaxial film.<br/> Purity: 99.9%<br/> Particle Size: 10um<br/>

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Overview of nitrided dium ScN powder:

nitrided dium ScN powder is a type III-V indirect band gap semiconductor. It is composed of scan ions and nitrogen ions. The crystal structure of salt rock can be grown on tungsten foil by sublimation and condensation. The lattice constant of rock salt is 0.451 nm, the indirect band gap is 0.9 eV, and the direct band gap is 2 to 2.4 eV. These crystals can be synthesized by indium and nitrogen melted by scan, magnetron sputtering, MBE, HVPE and other deposition methods.

Nitrided dium ScN powder application:

What are the applicable scopes of indium nitride ScN powder?

Due to the good lattice matching between the two crystal structures, the ScN film improves the performance of GaN devices, attracting special attention. In addition, ScN has good thermoelectric properties. However, in such applications, it is necessary to reduce its high thermal conductivity

ScN nitrided scan powder is used as a raw material for phosphorus.

Nitrided dium ScN powder is used as an additive for special alloys and non-ferrous metals;

Nitrided dium ScN powder is used for high refractive index metal epitaxial film;

Nitrided dium ScN powder is used for wear-resistant materials, packaging and protective materials;

Nitrided dium ScN powder is used to make magnetic semiconductor materials.

Price dium ScN nitride powder:

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Nitrided dium ScN powder supplier:

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