Nitrided ErN powder CAS 12020-21-2

Erbium Nitride is known as ErN powder. Erbium nitride ErN powder is used in high-end electronics, sputtering targets, phosphors, ceramic materials, magnetic materials, semiconductor materials.<br/> Purity: 99.5%<br/> Particle Size: -100 mesh<br/>

Product Details

Overview of Nitrided ErN powder:

The growth of Er nitride on non-primary substrates, through physical vapor transport and characterization of tungsten foil. The raw material is metal, which is heated in nitrogen and converted into ERN. Subsequently, it was sublimed to form ERN crystals. The operating conditions in pure nitrogen are 1620-1770°C, 150-330 Torr. The growth rate increases exponentially with temperature, the activation energy is 508 kJ/mol, and the growth rate increases exponentially with pressure.

Nitride ErN powder application:

What is the applicable range of Nitride ErN powder?

Nitride can be used in sputtering target materials in advanced electronic products, ceramic materials, magnetic semiconductors

Nitride ErN powder price:

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Nitrided ErN powder suppliers:

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