Niobium nitride NbN powder CAS 24621-21-4

Niobium nitride has high thermal and chemical stability and is an excellent superconducting thin film material. It is prepared by sputtering in a mixed gas of argon and nitrogen.<br/> Purity: 99%<br/> Particle Size: 5um<br/>

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Overview of Niobium Nitride NbN Powder:

Niobium nitride NbN Powder is the earliest transition metal nitride with high melting point, high hardness, good mechanical properties, thermal and chemical stability, good superconductivity, wear-resistant coating, building energy saving, fire-resistant plasma effect and super Capacitors and other fields. It has been widely used and can also be used to manufacture superconducting quantum devices. In addition, NbN exhibits a surface plasmon resonance (SPR) effect, which indicates that the electromagnetic field near the surface of the material will be enhanced. Therefore, the material can have surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) performance through electromagnetic field enhancement.

Niobium nitride NbN powder application:

What are the applicable scopes of niobium nitride NbN powder?

Niobium nitride NbN Powder is an excellent superconducting thin film material used to manufacture highly stable superconducting quantum instruments.

The main use of niobium nitride is as a superconductor.

Detectors based on it can detect single photons ranging from 1 to 10 microns in the infrared spectrum, which is of great significance to the astronomy and telecommunications industries. It can detect changes in 25 GHz.

NBN superconducting nanowires can be used for strong magnetic field particle detectors

Niobium nitride NbN Powder is also used for absorbing anti-reflective coatings.

The photocatalyst based on niobium nitride can absorb 57% of sunlight and can promote the decomposition of water to produce hydrogen, which can be used as fuel for electrochemical fuel cells.

Niobium nitride NbN powder price:

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Niobium Nitride NbN Powder Supplier:

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