Chromium Nitride CrN Powder CAS 12053-27-9

Chromium nitride is known as CrN powder. Chromium nitride has good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.<br/> Purity: 99%<br/> Particle Size: 325 mesh<br/>

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Overview of chromium nitride CrN powder:

Chromium nitride is called CrN powder. Chromium nitride has good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.

Using cathodic arc plasma deposition technology. Cathodic arc plasma deposition is a relatively new thin film deposition technology, similar to ion deposition technology in many respects. Its advantage is that it has a high ionization rate in the emitted particle stream, and these ionized ions have a high kinetic energy (40-100eV). Cathodic arc plasma deposition embodies many advantages of ion beam deposition, such as enhanced adhesion, increased density of states, and high reaction rate for compound film formation. Cathodic arc plasma deposition has its unique advantages, such as deposition on substrates with more complex shapes, high deposition rate, good coating uniformity, lower substrate temperature, and easy preparation of ideal compounds or alloy chemical ratios.

The evaporation of the cathode material through the evaporation process is attributed to the high current density, and the resulting vapor is composed of electrons, ions, central gas atoms and particles. At the cathodic arc point, the material is almost 100% ionized, with ions emitted almost perpendicular to the cathode surface. When high-energy chromium ions meet nitrogen, they will immediately react and become gaseous chromium nitride molecules.

Application of chromium nitride CrN powder:

What are the application fields of chromium nitride CrN powder?

Chromium nitride CrN powder is used as a corrosion-resistant coating material in metal forming and plastic forming applications. Chromium nitride CrN powder  is commonly used in medical implants and tools.  Chromium nitride CrN powder is also a valuable component in advanced multi-component coating systems such as CrAlN for hard cutting tools.

 In addition, the applications of chromium nitride include:

High temperature applications

Sliding wear application

Of precision parts

Wear resistance eliminates wear, fretting, micro welding, clamping and adhesion wear

Enhanced corrosion resistance, but not completely sealed parts

Low friction

Can accommodate sharp edges

Small size effect, very suitable for small tolerance parts

The basic material physics of CrN has recently been debated in well-known scientific journals (such as "Nature Materials") due to its good properties. In particular, quantum mechanical calculations of the electronic structure of compounds have demonstrated the importance of magnetism in low and high temperature phases.

Chromium nitride CrN powder price:

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Chromium Nitride CrN Powder Supplier:

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