Beryllium nitride Be3N2 powder CAS 1304-54-7

Beryllium nitride is known as Be3N2 powder. Beryllium nitride Be3N2 powder is used in high-temperature refractories and special ceramic materials.<br/> Purity: 99.99%<br/> Particle Size: -100 mesh<br/>

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Overview of beryllium nitride Be3N2 powder:

Beryllium nitride Be3N2 is a self-color crystal with a body-centered cubic structure. The melting point is 2200±100°C and decomposes at 2240°C. Insoluble in ethanol. The crystal lattice melts and decomposes in a vacuum and is easily decomposed by water. Under the action of acid or alkali, it accelerates decomposition and releases ammonia. Ammonia reacts directly with metals to prepare high-temperature refractory materials and special ceramic materials for Sichuan parts. Metal beryllium is prepared by heating in an ammonia gas stream, with simple reaction and high yield.

The beryllium metal is prepared by heating in an ammonia gas stream, and the reaction is easy and the yield is high.

Application of beryllium nitride Be3N2 powder:

Beryllium nitride  Be3N2 powder is used in refractory ceramics and nuclear reactors, and it produces radiocarbon 14 for tracer applications.

Beryllium nitride  Be3N2 powder is used in the production of refractory ceramics, nuclear reactors, and radiocarbon-14 for tracer applications.

Beryllium nitride  Be3N2 powder reacts with inorganic acid to produce ammonia and the corresponding acid salt:

Be3n2 + 6 HCl→3 BeCl2 + 2 NH3

In a strong alkaline solution, beryllium salt will form with the precipitation of ammonia:

Be3n2 + 6NaOH→3Na2BeO2 + 2NH3

The acid reacts violently with the base. However, the reaction with water is very slow:

3N2 + 6H2O→3Be(OH)2 + 2NH3

The reaction with oxidants may be violent. Will be oxidized when heated at 600°C in the air

Beryllium nitride Be3N2 powder price:

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