Nano copper nano oil additive nano lubricating additive CAS 7440-50-8

Nano copper powder can be used as lubricating oil additive, a new type of lubricating oil additive mainly used in various vehicle engines. Nano copper powder has repair function and high efficiency heat dissipation function, which can reduce the wear of automobile engine by 80%.<br/> Product Name:nano copper powder<br/> Purity:≥99.85%<br/> Size:20nm,50nm,80nm,100nm,500nm.<br/>

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Overview of nano-copper additives and nano-lubricating additives:

Nano copper has broad application prospects in improving engine lubrication, reducing friction and wear,improving engine power performance,reducing pollution and extending service life.

Articles made of nanomaterials have many peculiar properties. For example, nano-copper has superplastic ductility and can be stretched more than 50 times at room temperature without cracks. Researchers from the French National Research Center found that copper nanocrystals with an average volume of only 80 nanometers have amazing mechanical properties. The strength is not only three times higher than that of ordinary copper, but also the deformation is very uniform, without obvious regional narrowing. This is the first time that scientists have observed such a perfect elastoplastic behavior of matter. This mechanical property of copper nanocrystals opens up a bright future for the manufacture of elastic materials at room temperature.

Used as thermal hydrogen generator, gel propellant, combustion activator, catalyst, water cleaning adsorbent, sintering activator, antibacterial agent, etc.

Nano copper reacts more easily with oxygen than ordinary copper

The copper atoms in nano-copper are the same as those of ordinary copper, but the nano-copper particles are very small.

The chemical properties of nano-copper are more active than ordinary copper, and even change the inherent properties, but nano-materials do not change the state of matter.

The bactericidal mechanism of copper: Cu chemically reacts with water under aerobic conditions to produce hydroxyl radicals (-OH) and reactive oxygen ions (O2-). They have a strong redox effect and can destroy the proliferation ability of microbial cells. Thereby inhibiting and killing microorganisms. The specific surface area of nano-copper increases, and chemical reactions are more likely to occur.

Copper is a heavy metal, and it is recognized that heavy metals have a bactericidal effect (such as silver). Heavy metals are all toxic, and reaching a certain dose in the human body will have an impact on health, and even cause disease and poisoning (silver also has certain neurotoxicity and genetic toxicity). Copper is one of the essential trace elements for the human body and can be metabolized and absorbed by the human body, while silver is difficult to metabolize in the human body and will be enriched in the human body. Therefore, Europe and the United States have banned the use of nano silver as an antibacterial agent, and some use nano copper as an alternative.

The application of nano-copper additives and nano-lubricating additives:

Scope of application of nano copper additives and nano lubricating additives:

Wear,corrosion, and fatigue are the three forms of mechanical material failure.The economic loss caused by wear is very huge.About 1/3 of the global primary energy is consumed by friction,and nearly 80% of the parts are scrapped due to wear.The use of lubricating oil is reduced The most effective means to reduce friction or avoid wear, and as a lubricating additive to improve the quality of lubricating oil is the focus of research in various countries.Lubricants made of materials added to lubricating oil can significantly improve its lubricating performance and load-carrying capacity.Reduce the coefficient of friction,reduce friction resistance,and extend the life of the machine.This is one of the most successful applications at present.Nano particles are deposited on the friction surface through electric pulse motion under the action of the electric field formed by the friction process to form a dense protective film,showing good anti-friction and anti-wear performance, and at the same time under high load And at high speeds,the addition of nano-copper can effectively improve the anti-wear performance of engine lubricants and prolong the service life of wearing parts in the engine.

The price of nano-copper additives and nano-lubricating additives:

The prices of nano-copper additives and nano-lubricating additives will vary randomly according to factors such as the production cost of nano-copper additives and nano-lubricating additives, transportation costs, international situations, exchange rates, and the supply-demand relationship of nano-copper additives and nano-lubricating additives. Tanki New Materials Co., Ltd. aims to provide a full set of customized services to help various industries and chemical wholesalers find high-quality, low-cost nanomaterials and chemical products. If you are looking for nano-copper additives and nano-lubricating additives, please feel free to send an inquiry to get the latest prices of nano-copper additives and nano-lubricating additives.

Suppliers of nano-copper additives and nano-lubricating additives:

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