Graphite powder graphite lubricant dry graphite lubricant CAS 7782-42-5

Graphite has a flaky crystal structure and good lubrication properties.And it also has good electrical conductivity,thermal conductivity,wear resistance, pressure resistance,temperature resistance and chemical stability,so graphite is widely used in the machinery industry to make various lubricants.<br/> Product Name:Graphite Powder<br/> CAS:7782-42-5<br/> Size:1μm/3μm<br/> Purity:≥99.9%.<br/>

Product Details

Overview of graphite lubricants:

A suspension of graphite powder dispersed in water,oil or solvent. It is commonly used as a lubricating release agent for metal thermoplastic pressure processing. As a thickening agent for grease,graphite can increase load-bearing capacity,wear resistance and heat resistance,and has good high-temperature adhesion.

Application of graphite lubricant:

What are the applicable scopes of graphite lubricants?

Graphite can be used as a lubricant,it is mainly to uniformly distribute graphite fine particles in water,oil or other media to form a stable colloid. It can be directly applied to the parts that need lubrication by means of spin coating,dipping or spraying,etc.It can be added to various lubricants and used together.In contact with the metal surface,it can not only form a firm lubricating film,but also improve the wetting performance of the metal surface to other lubricants,thereby maintaining long-term lubrication.In addition, because graphite exists as extremely fine particles,it is easy to penetrate into closely fitting sliding or rotating parts to provide good lubrication.

Graphite lubricant price:

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Supplier of graphite lubricants:

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