Friction modifier MoDTC powder CAS 68412-26-0

MoDTC generates a high-temperature thermoelectric reaction at the moment of friction pair run-in, and self-catalyzes the formation of a sulfur-containing extreme pressure film and a film that MoO3 is difficult to peel off. At the same time, it forms an alkyl sulfide, which reacts with the metal surface to play an anti-wear effect,and produces nano-scale MoS2.To fill the concave parts,reduce friction and increase lubrication.<br/> CAS:68412-26-0<br/> Appearance :Light yellow powder<br/> Mo(%):26-29<br/>

Product Details

Overview of friction modifier MoDTC powder:

MoDTC powder is mainly used as a friction modifier,extreme pressure anti-wear agent and co-oxidant in lubricating grease. MoDTC and other additives(such as antioxidants)can produce specific synergistic effects,thereby delaying the process of oxidation-induced friction degradation.The friction decomposition product of MoDTC is mainly MoS2.The layered structure of MoS2 is connected by van der Waals force,and the shear stress is small.Therefore, MoDTC can significantly reduce the friction coefficient and play a role in reducing friction.With the gradual reduction in the use of phosphorus-containing organic molybdenum,MoDTC has reached the low standard phosphorus standard for internal combustion engine oil.

Application of friction modifier MoDTC powder:

What is the scope of application of friction modifier MoDTC powder?

Friction modifier MoDTC powder sliding part coated with a metal-containing carbon layer used to improve wear and friction properties through friction applications under lubricating conditions. Wear resistance and anti-friction, protect mechanical parts, reduce friction and wear.

The price of friction modifier MoDTC powder:

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 Suppliers of friction modifier MoDTC powder:

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