Spherical graphite C powder CAS 7782-42-5 >99.98%

Spherical graphite is also called battery grade graphite.It is made of flake graphite concentrate,which is produced from graphite ore and is the negative electrode material used in lithium-ion batteries.</br> Purity>99.98%</br> Particle size:8.5 microns</br>

Product Details

Overview of Spherical graphite:

Spherical graphite is made of high-quality, high-carbon natural flake graphite as raw material. The graphite surface is modified by advanced processing technology to produce graphite products with different fineness and similar shapes to ellipses.

The main index to measure the quality of spherical graphite

One is the physical performance indicators: including particle size (D50, μm), tap density (g/cm3), specific surface area (m2/g), moisture (%), fixed carbon (%)

The second is the electrochemical performance indicators: Coulomb efficiency (%), charging capacity (mAh/g), cycle life (cycles)

In the process of spherical graphite processing, the graphite dry concentrate is firstly crushed, trimmed, and magnetically separated in the spherical graphite workshop to form the initial product spherical graphite, and then enters the purification workshop to become spherical graphite (high purity) after high-temperature purification.

Application of Spherical graphite:

Uses of spherical graphite?

Spherical graphite material has good electrical conductivity,high crystallinity,low cost,high theoretical lithium insertion capacity,low charge and discharge potential and flatness.It is an important part of lithium ion battery negative electrode material and is used as a negative electrode for lithium ion battery production at home and abroad.Material replacement products.It has excellent electrical conductivity and chemical stability,high charge and discharge capacity,long cycle life,and environmental protection.

Spherical graphite price:

The natural graphite market fell slightly this week,and there is still momentum for the subsequent decline.The supply of small scale graphite in Luobei area of Hegang is normal,but the downstream refractory materials continue to be sluggish,the demand peak season is not strong,the growth rate of lithium batteries is slowing,and the production capacity of spheroidized graphite is further enlarged.The market outlook is not very optimistic for some time.

In the first half of 2019,the supply pattern of the domestic natural graphite market has changed significantly.The domestic mining volume has declined and the import volume has surged.Under the pressure of environmental protection,the downstream demand has not increased significantly,and the market is instantly saturated.

At present,the enthusiasm for graphite mine development in Africa is unabated.However,according to the current market estimates,the profit of graphite is not much.

At the same time,more than 31 million tons of ore and 1.4 million tons of minerals were discovered in the Miaoping Graphite Mine Survey Area in Nanjiang County,with an average grade of 4.46%.The prospective ore is expected to exceed 150 million tons,and the amount of minerals is expected to exceed 7 million tons.Up to now,115 million tons of ore,8.2 million tons of minerals,and more than 250 million tons of prospective ore have been discovered in Pakistan and China. If mining,it will further impact the Chinese graphite market.

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Suppliers of spherical graphite:

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