Gypsum retarder citric acid

Appearance:white powder<br/> Solubility:soluble in water<br/> Content:0.03%-0.5%<br/>

Product Details

Overview of gypsum retarder citric acid:

The gypsum retarder citric acid is a white powder, easily soluble in water.

Gypsum retarder is mainly used for plastering gypsum, bonding gypsum, gypsum putty, gypsum products and other gypsum building materials, and is mainly used to reduce the setting speed of gypsum.

There are three main types of retarders in common use: organic acids and their soluble salts, alkaline phosphates and proteins and other retarders. Organic acids and their soluble salts mainly include citric acid, sodium citrate, tartaric acid, potassium tartrate, acrylic acid and sodium acrylate, among which citric acid and its salts are the most researched and effective. Citric acid and its salts can achieve a strong retarding effect when the amount of citric acid and its salt is very small. Phosphate retarders mainly include sodium hexametaphosphate and sodium polyphosphate.

Application of gypsum retarder citric acid:

What are the functions of gypsum retarder citric acid?

(1)Citric acid has a strong blocking effect and is an effective blocking agent for construction gypsum.When the content does not exceed 0.1%,the setting time of the gypsum slurry is prolonged,the heat of hydration becomes slow,and the early hydration rate is greatly reduced, but the final hydration rate is not affected, and the gypsum strength is high.The hardened body is slightly reduced.

(2)Citric acid and calcium ions form a stable calcium citrate complex.The pH value has a great influence on the stability of the complex,so under different pH values,the blocking effect of citric acid is obviously different.Generally,when the pH is 8-10,the blocking effect is best.

(3)Citric acid is adsorbed on the newly formed crystal embryo through complexation,which reduces its surface energy,increases its nucleation barrier,reduces the number of crystal nuclei, and reduces the overlap of ions on the crystal.The combination rate gives the crystal enough time and space to develop and grow,and the crystal size is coarsened.When the content is higher than 0.1%,the strength of the hardened gypsum body will be significantly reduced.

The price of gypsum retarder citric acid:

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Suppliers of gypsum retarder citric acid:

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