Gypsum Foaming Agent Protein Foaming Agent

The amount of gypsum products with different densities varies,about 0.3-1kg/m3. </br> Appearance:brown liquid </br> PH value:6-8 </br> Foaming ratio:30 </br> Foam stabilization time (h): ≥36 </br>

Product Details

Overview of gypsum foaming agent:

Gypsum foaming agent has strong foaming ability, high foam stability, strong applicability to gypsum, high effective foaming rate, greatly reducing foam consumption, light foam density, and low water content. The foaming agent can make gypsum products have higher closed cell ratio, small and uniform pore size, greatly reduce pores, improve water resistance, and have a barrier effect on gypsum.

Add gypsum foaming agent

The amount of gypsum products with different densities varies, about 0.3-1kg/m3.

Technical index of gypsum foaming agent

Appearance: brown liquid

PH value: 6-8

Foaming rate: 30

Foam stabilization time (h): ≥36

Product performance of gypsum foaming agent

(1) High foaming rate;

(2) The foam pore size is uniform and stable;

(3) Low bleeding rate

(4) Good combination with gypsum

(5) It is harmless to human body and does not pollute the environment;

(6) It has a certain blocking effect on gypsum.

Gypsum foaming agent application:

What are the application areas of gypsum foaming agent?

Suitable for gypsum-based wallboard, self-leveling gypsum, gypsum products, etc.

Gypsum foaming agent price:

The price of gypsum foaming agent will vary randomly with the production cost, transportation cost, international situation, and market supply and demand of gypsum foaming agent. Tanki New Materials Co., Ltd. aims to help various industries and chemical wholesalers find high-quality, low-cost nanomaterials and chemicals by providing a full set of customized services. If you are looking for gypsum foaming agent, please feel free to send an inquiry to get the latest price.

Gypsum foaming agent supplier:

As a global supplier of gypsum foaming agent, Tanki New Materials Co., Ltd. Has extensive experience in the performance, application and cost-effective manufacturing of advanced and engineering materials. The company has successfully developed a series of gypsum foaming agents (including concrete mixers, CLC blocks to provide concrete foaming machines, foamed concrete machines, lightweight concrete machines, etc.), as well as corresponding foaming agents, water reducers, early rise enhancers, etc. Functional materials. High-purity targets, ceramic materials and structural equipment, and provide OEM services.