Foam concrete foam generator

Maximum foam output(m3/h):8<br/> Motor voltage(V):220<br/> Work rate(W):1500<br/> Dimensions(cm):120*50*90<br/> Weight(kg):120<br/>

Product Details

Overview of foam generator for foam concrete:

The foam generator TR30 is a small cement foaming machine. It is a special equipment specially used for producing foam in small factories. Easy to operate, suitable for small factories, universities, research institutes and medium-sized buildings.

Application of foam concrete foam generator:

What are the uses of foam concrete foam generators?

The final product of the foaming machine is foam, and what we need in the production process is also foam. Therefore, the quality of the foam is the only criterion for judging the performance of the foaming machine. Judging the foaming quality of the foaming machine should be judged from the three aspects of foam fineness, foam uniformity, and foam bleeding.

Foam fineness refers to the size of the bubble diameter. The smaller the bubble diameter, the smaller the bubble, the greater the density, the better the stability of the foam, the higher the strength of the product produced, and the better the insulation performance.

Foam uniformity refers to the uniformity of bubble diameter. The more uniform the bubble diameter, the narrower the distribution range, the more uniform the product is stressed, and the better the use effect.

The amount of foam exudation refers to the amount of foaming agent aqueous solution generated after the foam burst. The lower the bleeding of the foam, the lower the water content of the foam, indicating the better the foaming performance of the foaming machine.

Whether the foaming machine can meet the requirements of the above three aspects, it needs to be confirmed through a test machine. When choosing a foaming machine, the foam sprayed by the foaming machine must be a sponge-like fine foam with more foam and less water, and it must be uniform and fine.

Foam concrete foam generator price:

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Foam concrete foam generator suppliers:

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