Stearic acid amide emulsion

Stearic acid amide emulsion is a white emulsion, the product is non-toxic, non-polluting, non-hazardous, and environmentally friendly. It is used in inks, paints, leather coatings, etc.<br/> Particle Size D50: ≤2um<br/>

Product Details

Overview of Stearic Acid Amide Emulsion:

Stearic acid amide is a white emulsion, the product is non-toxic, pollution-free, harmless and environmentally friendly. It is easy to disperse in water and has the characteristics of ultra-fine, low viscosity and good dispersibility.

Stearamide is also called stearamide. Its chemical formula is C17H35CONH2. Stearic acid amide is insoluble in water, slightly soluble in organic solvents at room temperature. It can improve the dispersion effect and affinity of dyes and pigments.

Good adhesion, lubricity and mold release, no moisture absorption and other advantages. It is miscible with paraffin wax. Stearic acid reacts with ammonia to form ammonium salt, which is then dehydrated to obtain the final product. No moisture absorption, good slippage, can improve the dispersion effect of pigments and dyes, and has lubricity and mold release properties. Used as surface active agent, fiber oil agent, release agent, polyvinyl chloride and urea resin lubricant, pigment ink and color crayons mixing agent.

Stearamide can be used as a sensitizer and slip agent in thermal paper coatings, as well as a slip agent and anti-blocking agent in polyolefin films. Stearates are based on fatty saturated linear monocarboxylic acids derived from natural vegetable oils.

Stearic acid amide emulsion application:

What is the scope of application of stearic acid amide emulsion?

Stearamide is used as a lubricating release agent for plastics such as polyvinyl chloride and polystyrene, and has excellent external lubricating effect and release performance.

As an anti-blocking agent for polyolefin films, stearamide is usually used in combination with oleamide erucamide.

Compared with the commonly used inorganic anti-sticking agent (silica), stearamide has the characteristics of not affecting the transparency of the product. Used as internal release agent and lubricant for synthetic rubber or natural rubber, improve rubber processing agent, and endow products with good gloss.

Stearic acid amide ultrafine water dispersion is used as a sensitizer for thermal paper.

Stearamide ultrafine water-based dispersion is used as textile waterproofing agent, fiber softening agent, antistatic agent, wetting agent, and fixing aid.

Stearic acid amide emulsion price:

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Supplier of Stearic Acid Amide Emulsion:

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