Organic molybdenum liquid MoDTC CAS 68412-26-0

MoDTC is a lubricant additive with excellent anti-friction and anti-wear effects. With the increase of people's requirements for oil quality and the introduction of new quality standards for lubricants.<br/> Mo %: 9.5--10.5<br/> S %: 9-12<br/>

Product Details

Organic molybdenum liquid MoDTC overview:

Organic molybdenum liquid MODTC is an oil-soluble molybdenum compound such as molybdenum dialkyldithiocarbamate, molybdenum dialkyldithiocarbamate, molybdenum amine complex, molybdenum naphthenate, molybdenum alkyl salicylate, etc. Composed of molybdenum molybdenum dialkylthiophosphate compounds. Dithiophosphate, molybdenum dialkyldithiophosphate, molybdenum dithiocarbamate, molybdenum amine complex, molybdenum naphthenate, and molybdenum alkylsalicylate.

The lubrication and antifriction mechanism of MODTC is mainly related to the smooth surface of the friction pair. On the surface of the friction pair, a chemical reaction occurs at the point and tip of the high load pressure to promote the decomposition of organic molybdenum, decompose molybdenum disulfide and some phosphates, sulfides and nitrides, etc. These products are dispersed in the oil solvent, adsorbed and deposited On the friction surface, MoS2 forms a thin film covering the anti-wear layer to achieve the effects of anti-friction, anti-wear and lubrication.

Organic molybdenum liquid MoDTC application:

MODTC is commonly used in internal combustion engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, automatic transmission oil, metal processing oil and other lubricants.

MoDTC is a suitable antiwear agent with strong adaptability and strong infectious power. MODTC can be added to a variety of lubricating oils and greases, and can act on a variety of friction pairs. In addition to standard base mineral oils such as 150Sn and liquid paraffin, MODTC is also suitable for synthetic oils such as PAO, polyether oil and various vegetable oils. In addition to being mainly used for engine oils, they can also be used for rolling fluids and greases for vehicle chassis. MoDTC additives can reduce the friction of friction pairs of various materials, such as alloy steel, phosphor bronze and different diamond-like coatings.

Organic molybdenum liquid MoDTC price:

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Suppliers of organic molybdenum liquid MoDTC:

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