Molybdenum dithiophosphate liquid MoDTP CAS 72030-25-2

MoDTP is liquid organic molybdenum friction improving, anti-wear, extreme pressure, and anti-oxidant additive for internal combustion engine oils, industrial lubricants, greases, etc.<br/> Mo %: 8.5--10<br/> S %: >9.0<br/>

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Overview of liquid molybdenum dithiophosphate MoDTP

The friction and wear properties of additives in molybdenum dithiophosphate (MODTP) under reciprocating sliding conditions. Additives composed of pure MODTP are not effective for paraffin-based oils, but are effective for engine oils containing PS compounds (such as zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate). Adding PO, PS compound and MODTP is effective for base oil and engine oil.

The surface film of molybdenum dithiophosphate is mainly composed of molybdenum sulfide and iron phosphate on the surface and molybdenum trioxide and iron phosphate on the surface.

The friction and wear properties of molybdenum dithiocarbamate (MODTC) and molybdenum dithiocarbamate (MODTP) were studied under reciprocating sliding conditions. Both MODTC and MODTP can reduce friction and wear. The MoS2-based surface film is formed by MODTC. MoDTP is mainly composed of MoS{SUB 2} and FePO{SUB 4}. At 120°C, MoS{SUB 2}, MoO{ SUB 3} and FePO{SUB 4} are at 200°C. MoS{Sub 2} film It can effectively reduce friction on the surface. The friction coefficient decreases as the concentration of MOS{Sub 2} in the surface film increases. It has higher MOS{SUB 2} forming ability with MODTP and MODTC. Therefore, MODTC is superior to MODTP in reducing friction.

Application of liquid molybdenum dithiophosphate MoDTP

As lubricating oil additives, various metal thiophosphate complexes impart anti-wear, anti-friction, anti-oxidation and extreme pressure properties to lubricating oils. Four molybdenum dialkyl phosphorothioate (MOTP) complexes with alkyl chain lengths ranging from C5 to C10 have been synthesized. They have anti-friction, anti-wear and anti-oxidation properties in mineral oil, base oil and refined oil. The synthesized product has remarkable anti-friction, abrasion resistance and oxidation resistance, which is comparable to commercial MODTP.

Molybdenum dithiophosphate (MODTP) is used in internal combustion engine oil, industrial oil, gear oil and grease.

Recommended dosage 0.2-1.0% molybdenum dithiophosphate liquid MoDTP price

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