Lithium stearate CAS 4485-12-5

Lithium stearate is a white powdery compound with the chemical formula LiC18H35O2, also known as lithium octadecanoate and lithium octadecanoate.

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Overview of Lithium Stearate:

Lithium stearate is a chemical, also known as lithium octadecanoic, white powder, or colorless crystal. Density: 1.025 g/cm3. Melting point: 220.0-221.5°C. Stable under normal temperature and pressure. Slightly soluble in water and ethanol, the solubility in water is 0.09 g/100ml, and the solubility in ethanol is 0.04 g/100ml. Lithium stearate is decomposed into stearic acid and corresponding lithium salt in case of strong acid. Insoluble in ethyl acetate and mineral oil. It forms colloids in mineral oil.

resolve resolution:

Method 1: Dissolve 10g stearic acid in 100mL 95% ethanol, titrate with 0.5mol/L lithium hydroxide ethanol solution (if lithium hydroxide cannot be completely dissolved in ethanol, add water to make it completely dissolved), Phenolphthalein is used as an indicator. After the reaction reaches the equivalence point, the precipitated lithium stearate soap is suction filtered and separated. The crude product can be recrystallized with 95% ethanol to obtain a pure product.

Method 2: Dissolve sodium hydroxide in water to form a solution, add stearic acid to it, and then fully react and heat to above 100°C. Lithium chloride is dissolved in water, and after it is cooled to normal temperature, it is added to the prepared sodium stearate solution for reaction; after the reaction is finished, it is discharged and dehydrated by a centrifuge; it is dried by airflow drying equipment to obtain the finished product. 

Lithium stearate has good stability and reduces the overall cost of the enterprise. It is mainly used as a PVC heat stabilizer and is suitable for transparent products. Its good performance can reduce the overall cost of the enterprise.

Application of lithium stearate:

What are the uses of lithium stearate?

Lithium stearate is widely used in high temperature lubricants.

Lithium stearate is used as a stabilizer in the plastics industry.

Lithium stearate is used in cosmetic oils, gels, crayons, emulsifiers and dispersants.

Lithium stearate is used as a corrosion inhibitor in the petroleum industry.

It can be used as a thickener for natural and synthetic oils.

It is beneficial to the manufacture of light metal molds.

It is a thicker and superior grease, ideal for high temperature applications.

It increases the melting point and enhances the elasticity of the microcrystalline wax.

Lithium stearate is more resistant to consistency loss because it has a higher melting point than traditional sodium and potassium soaps (22 °C vs. 140 °C).

It has amazing anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties.

While it's waterproof, lithium stearate actually works better in other types of environments.

This is a great sealant.

The price of lithium stearate:

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Suppliers of lithium stearate:

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