Lithium dodecyl stearate CAS 7620-77-1

Lithium lauryl stearate CAS 7620-77-1 is a white powdery industrial product,widely used in lubricants,stabilizers,decolorizers,and thickeners.

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Overview of lithium dodecyl hydroxy stearate:

Dodecylhydroxystearic acid is a chemical substance whose molecular formula is CH3(CH2)5CH(OH)(CH2)10COOH.

Molecular weight: 300.4806 Properties  flaky or needle-like crystals. Melting point 74-76 °C (lit.). Flammable and low toxicity. Insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ether, and chloroform.

Lithium dodecyl stearate is widely used in lubricants, stabilizers, decolorants, and thickeners. Used to make lubricating grease, also used in organic synthesis, to prepare anti-rust lubricating grease, lithium-based lubricating oil, surface-active substances, etc., and can also be used as chemical intermediates.

Preparation method: hydrogenated castor oil in the presence of a nickel-aluminum catalyst at 185°C and 5MPa, and the reaction product is saponified and acid hydrolyzed to obtain the product.

Application of lithium lauryl hydroxy stearate:

What are the effects of lithium lauryl hydroxystearate?

Lithium lauryl hydroxy stearate is a white powdery industrial product. It can be prepared by directly reacting 12-hydroxystearic acid with equimolar lithium hydroxide. It can also be used to prepare various greases. It has a wide range of uses and is used in lubrication. Stable and stable in the agent. It can also be used to prepare anti-rust grease, such as lithium-based lubricants.

Domestic and foreign lithium composite technology has achieved rapid development in the 1990s in China. The industrialized production is mainly composed of lithium salt-containing C9~C10 dibasic acid, boric acid or salicylic acid, and lithium 12-hydroxy stearate composite, any of them Lubricating grease produced by the two-component or three-component compound. CN201010505845 provides a four-component lithium complex grease composition and a preparation method. Add lithium 12-hydroxy stearate, lithium azelate or lithium sebacate, and lithium borate and lithium salicylate to the base oil. The two-step saponification process is used to control the temperature and time of the one-step compound saponification, the two-step alkali addition temperature, the compound co-crystallization temperature time, and the highest temperature control. Leakage, high temperature bearing life, excellent comprehensive performance, can meet the high-temperature environment equipment lubrication and high temperature centralized pumping lubrication. The composite lithium-based grease of the present invention belongs to high-temperature grease, and its dropping point is not lower than 260°C. Its outstanding advantages are good adhesion, excellent high-temperature leakage resistance, and outstanding high-temperature bearing life at 160°C. Compared with polyurea grease, it has the advantage of not hardening at high temperatures. Compared with ordinary two-component or three-component lithium complex, it has adhesion, excellent high-temperature anti-leakage performance, and outstanding high-temperature bearing life.

CN201310504905 provides a lithium-based grease composition and a preparation method thereof. A special high acid value mineral base oil is used for saponification to prepare lithium-based grease. Put the high acid value mineral base oil into the kettle, add 12-hydroxy stearate lithium soap and lithium stearate soap, stir and heat up; when the temperature rises to 210~220℃, keep the temperature and stir for 1~5min; The base oil is put into the kettle to quickly cool the materials, and the additives are added when the temperature reaches 140-150°C; the stirring is evenly discharged out of the kettle; the finished product is obtained after grinding with a three-roll mill. The lubricating grease of the present invention reasonably utilizes the existing domestic base oil resources, replaces the use of naphthenic acid raw materials, and significantly reduces the production cost of the lubricating grease. The lubricating grease of the present invention not only has good mechanical stability and colloidal stability but also can effectively improve the friction and wear conditions during the operation of mechanical equipment and has good lubricating performance. The grease produced by the invention can be used for the lubrication of automobiles, engineering machinery, and other mechanical equipment.

The price of lithium lauryl hydroxystearate:

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