Nano diamond powder CAS 7782-40-3

Diamond nanopowder is the most difficult material known,and the industrial production of nanoscale diamond is carried out under high temperature and high pressure.The application of diamond nanoparticles includes its use as a filling component of synthetic materials and polishing agents.</br> Purity:99.5%</br> Colour:Black</br> APS:3-5 nm</br>

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Overview of Nano Diamond Powder:

Nano-diamond powder is prepared by detonation synthesis of high-energy explosives under negative oxygen conditions.The ultra-high pressure and high temperature conditions necessary for the synthesis of diamond are generated at the moment of detonation.At the same time,the free carbon atoms produced by the explosives form nano-scale diamond particles.Nano diamond is different from the usual static pressure synthetic diamond,it has no corners and is spherical,and the single crystal grain size is only a few nanometers.

Nano-diamond powder is gray spherical high surface area carbon. The typical surface area of nano-sized carbon particles is 10 – 45 nanometers (nm), the specific surface area (SSA) is in the range of 30 – 50 m 2 / g, and the average particle size is 75 – 100 nm Within the range, the specific surface area is about 2-10 m 2 / g. Nanodiamonds or diamond nanoparticles are diamonds with a size less than 1 micron.They may be produced by impact events such as explosions or meteorite impacts.Because of their cheapness,With large-scale synthesis,surface functionalization potential and high biocompatibility, nanodiamonds have been widely studied as potential materials in biological and electronic applications and quantum engineering.

Nanodiamond powder can be made by multi-cathode DC plasma chemical vapor deposition and high pressure high temperature (HPHT).The potential use of nanodiamonds in biosensor applications.Surface modification of nanodiamonds can enhance its connection mechanism with specific biomolecules.

Characteristics of nano-diamond powder

Nanometer diamond powder purity:99.5%

Nanometer diamond powder APS:3-5 nm (according to user requirements)

Nanometer diamond powder SSA:~286.4521 m2/g

Decomposition temperature of nanometer diamond powder:629.98oC

Nanometer diamond powder color:black

The shape of nanometer diamond powder is spherical and flake

Nano diamond powder ash content:2.218%

Bulk density of nano-diamond powder:0.16 g/cm3

The true density of nano-diamond powder:3.05-3.30 g / cm3

Explosive synthesis of nano-diamond powder

Application of nano diamond powder:

What is the scope of application of nano-diamond powder?

Diamond nanopowder is one of the most widely used and most versatile nanopowders on the market. It has been widely used in electronics manufacturing, jewelry,textiles, and corrosion-resistant coatings.It is used as a reinforcing agent for various substances and is engaged in the manufacture of artificial diamonds.There are countless other businesses. Nanodiamonds are widely used in various industries such as aerospace,aircraft manufacturing,information industry,precision machinery,optical instruments,automobile manufacturing,chemical plastics and lubricants.

1.Polishing:Nano diamond can be polished with high precision even on the roughest surface,making it the preferred coating for such tasks.As an ultra-precision polishing and grinding material,it is used for magnetic heads,hard drives,gems,hard glass,Ultra-precision polishing of ceramics and cemented carbide;

2.Lubricant:Used as an additive for lubricants or engine oil,it can greatly improve the operating performance of industrial machinery and vehicles,reduce failures,and extend service life;

3.Protective coating:Adding diamond nanopowder to the protective coating can greatly improve its destructive resistance at a relatively low cost.The coating of metal molds,tools,components,etc.,can improve wear resistance, surface hardness, and prolong use life;

4.Reinforcer:Nano diamond powder can be used in resin,ceramic,rubber and countless other compounds to improve durability and resilience.

5.Quantum engineering:New research shows that nanodiamonds have exciting possibilities in quantum computing and other quantum engineering projects.

6.High-precision polishing: suitable for computer disk heads,panels,chips,optical lenses and jewelry;additives in polymer complexes-can be used as additives in rubber,glass,ceramics and textile fabric materials;

7.Others:erosion resistant diamond film/coating; biomedical materials(artificial bones and joints);biosensors; chemical sensors; field electron emission materials; heat-resistant diamond films/coatings; integrated circuit substrates; photoelectric sensors self-lubricating,Wear-resistant composite coating; pressure limiting sensor; anti-radiation diamond film/coating;rubber,plastic and resin reinforcing agent seed crystals for growing larger diamonds; high-strength abrasives.

Damp clusters affect the dispersion performance and use effect of nano-diamond powder.Therefore, nano-diamond powder should be sealed in a vacuum package and stored in a cool and dry room. Nano-diamond powder should not be exposed to the air.In addition, should avoid stress Next use nano-diamond powder.

Nano diamond powder price:

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Suppliers of Nano Diamond Powder:

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