Nano Bi powder CAS 7440-69-9

Nano-bismuth powder is synthesized by a solvothermal reduction method,which is based on the chemical reduction of Bi3+ using ethylene glycol as a solvent and reducing agent.Bismuth-based nanoparticles are grown from a dispersion solution of bismuth salt.Nano-bismuth particles It is a non-ferrous metal powder with a light gray appearance.It has a wide range of uses,mainly for the preparation of bismuth products,bismuth alloys and bismuth compounds.</br> Purity:99%</br> Particle size:80nm</br>

Product Details

Overview of nano bismuth powder:

Nano-bismuth particles are metal nanoparticles.The color varies from dark gray to black depending on the size of the particles.The freshly produced bismuth is a silvery,crystalline,fragile metal,usually pink in the air.Bismuth is the most diamagnetic element,its thermal conductivity is lower than any metal except mercury.It has high electrical resistance and the highest Hall coefficient.

Application of nano bismuth powder:

What is the scope of application of nano-bismuth powder?

Lubricant additives

Bismuth is still a commonly used additive in industrial lubrication,and it works effectively without causing toxicity or other hazards to the specified compounds.When 0.1% to 0.3% of nano-Bi powder is added to the grease during the friction process,the friction surface A self-lubricating mask will be formed to protect the machine,and it will significantly improve grease performance.

Nuclear heat transfer

The unique mixture of magnetic,thermal and other properties in bismuth nanoparticles makes this powder the best heat transfer medium for nuclear reactors,and only the most suitable material can play a role.As a proof of the potential of this field,it is difficult to find more people Impressive application.

Bismuth has a smaller thermal neutron absorption cross section,lower melting point,and higher boiling point,which makes it a heat transfer medium used in nuclear reactors.

Medical imaging agent

Bismuth nanopowder can be used as an effective contrast agent for medical imaging and certain forms of cancer treatment,making it one of the most widely studied nanoparticles.Further medical applications are currently being studied and offer great hope.

Metallurgical Industry

Nano-bismuth powder has been widely used in metallurgy.In metallurgy,bismuth is an effective alloying agent for the production and connection of certain metals.Nano-bismuth powder is used in the production of cast iron,steel and aluminum alloys.Additives can improve the cutting performance of the alloy.

Humid environment will affect the dispersion performance and use effect of bismuth nanoparticles.Therefore, nano bismuth powder should be sealed in a vacuum package and stored in a cool and dry room, and bismuth nanoparticles cannot be exposed to the air.

The price of nano bismuth powder:

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Suppliers of Nano Bismuth Powder:

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