Iron Nanoparticles Nano Fe Powder CAS 7439-89-6

Iron nanoparticles is black and soluble in nano Fe colloid formed by water. It has a wide range of applications in high density magnetic recording materials, electrical conductors, biomedical carriers, etc.</br> Purity: 99%</br> Particle Size: 80nm</br>

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Overview of Iron Nanoparticles Nano Fe Powder:

Iron nanometer powder is a kind of gray or black powder,which is composed of 20 ~ 100-nanometer iron particles.It has been widely used in production and research in recent years.Iron nanopowder is a widely used magnetically active material,which has a wide range of applications in electronics,medicine,imaging, environmental management,data storage and other fields.

Nanometer iron powder is one of the earliest development and application of metal nanopowder,has the unique properties of nanopowder has the general performance of the ordinary iron powder again at the same time,thus in magnetic recording, magnetic fluids,the electromagnetic wave absorption,heat resistant alloy,high-performance powder metallurgy,injection molding, electrical and electronic,senior paint,metal,ceramics,chemical catalysis in areas such as widely used. In recent years,the continuous deepening of research on nano-iron powder has greatly broadened its application in automotive,environmental protection, biomedical and other fields,and achieved good economic effects.

Because of its large surface area, surface energy and high surface activity,nano iron powder is endowed with completely different physical and chemical properties from bulk metal iron. Nanometer iron powder has special properties such as electricity,magnetism,light,catalysis,adsorption and chemical reactivity so that it can be widely used in metallurgy,chemical industry and other fields.In recent years, nanometer iron powder has been found to have broad application prospects in information, environmental protection,food,biology,medical treatment,military and machinery and other fields.For example,magnetic recording materials made of nano-iron powder can increase the recording density of magnetic tape and disk by tens of times, and can greatly improve their fidelity;Nano-iron powder has a special absorption effect on the electromagnetic wave and can be used as military high-performance millimeter-wave stealth material,visible light -- infrared stealth material, structural stealth material, mobile phone radiation shielding material,etc.

There are a variety of preparation methods of nano iron powder,the common are vacuum evaporation condensation method,mechanical ball milling method,a sputtering method,liquid-phase reduction method,hydrothermal method,electrochemical deposition method,microemulsion method,organic solution method,sol-gel method, ultrasonic chemical method and so on.

Application of nano iron nano iron powder:

What are the applicable scopes of nano-iron and nano-iron powder?

Iron nanoparticles have a wide range of applications. Iron nanoparticles are used to treat industrial subsites contaminated by micro-organic compounds. They are used in plastics,nanowires,coatings,nanofibers and textiles.For tissue repair,immunoassay,humoral detoxification,hyperthermia,drug delivery and cell separation.

Iron nanoparticles as gene carriers for gene therapy.

Iron nanoparticles are used as magnetic sensing probes for off-season diagnosis and as drug carriers for targeted drug delivery.

Because of their sensitivity to magnetic fields, iron nanoparticles have played a crucial role in the development of various tools for recording magnetic activity. It is particularly interested in research projects that analyze fundamental magnetic interactions.

Recording media:Both basic magnetic data storage and high-density magnetic recording benefit from the magnetic properties of iron nano-powders.

Liquid Iron and Paste:Iron nano-powders can be used to produce effective iron fluids,magnets and similar compounds in a variety of electronic industrial applications.

Medical applications:in recent years, some medical and biomedical applications of iron nanoparticles have been widely used or studied. Like many other nanomaterials, its unique optical properties make it a hot spot for imaging solutions.It is also seen as a vehicle for certain drug delivery mechanisms.

Environmental applications:Nano-iron powders have shown good results in resolving some soil pollution,helping to degrade heavy metals and other environmental hazards.

Catalysts: many industries use nano-iron powders as components of catalysts,including metalworking and many other industries.

Electromagnetic Absorption:The magnetic properties of iron nanoparticles make them a viable material for creating electromagnetic shielding solutions, especially where traditional electromagnetic absorption solutions are not feasible.

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