Amorphous boron CAS 7440-42-8

Product parameters:Boron powder is black or silver gray solid.Crystal boron is black, its hardness is second only to diamond,and it has a brittle texture.</br> Purity>95%</br> Granularity:0.8-5um</br> Mr10.81.ρ=2.37g/cm3 (amorphous);2.34~2.46g/cm3 (crystal).Melting point 2177~2301℃;boiling point 2550~2658℃.</br>

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Overview of amorphous boron powder:

Elemental boron is a black or dark brown powder.When it is oxidized in the will prevent the internal boron from being oxidized due to the formation of a boron trioxide film.It can react with fluorine at room temperature and will not be affected by hydrochloric acid and hydrofluoric acid aqueous solutions.Corrosion.Boron is insoluble in water,boron powder is soluble in boiling nitric acid and sulfuric acid,and most molten metals such as copper,iron,manganese,aluminum and calcium.The content of boron in the earth's crust is 0.001%.Boron is black or silver Gray solid.Crystal boron is black,the hardness is second only to diamond,and the texture is relatively brittle.Boron is named Boron,its name is derived from Arabic,the original meaning is "flux".It means that the ancient Arabs already knew that borax has The ability to melt metal oxides is used as a flux in welding. Boron has the largest volumetric heat,and its weight is second only to beryllium.Slightly soluble in nitric acid,insoluble in water.Amorphous boron is chemically active.Powder and air can be Form explosive mixtures.Use magnesium to reduce boric anhydride to prepare amorphous boron.Used in solid ramjets and smokeless clean propellants.

Is boron the same as borax?

Boron is a chemical element with symbol B and atomic number 5. Borax is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula Na2B4O7 10H2O. So, the main difference is that boron is a chemical element whereas borax is a chemical element, a compound. Furthermore, the melting and boiling points of boron are 2076 °C and 3927 °C, respectively. Borax, on the other hand, has a melting point and boiling point of 743 °C and 1,575 °C, respectively.

Amorphous boron powder MF:B;molecular weight:10.81;melting point:2300℃±2℃;sublimation temperature:2550℃;relative density:2.34-2.37;solubility:insoluble in water,hydrochloric acid,ethanol and ether,easy to cold.The solution is decomposed into hydrogen and oxidized to boric acid by concentrated sulfuric acid and nitric acid.

Amorphous boron powder has stable and reliable quality.This product can be stored for a long time.According to user requirements,products with different particle sizes can be customized.

Application of amorphous boron powder:

What are the applicable scopes of amorphous boron powder?

Mainly amorphous boron powder used in metallurgy,medicine,ceramics,nuclear industry,chemical industry and other industries.

Amorphous boron powder can be used in the alloy in the form of a compound or as an additive.

Amorphous boron powder is an important raw material for the manufacture of various borides.

Amorphous boron powder can also be used as a catalyst for organic chemical reactions.

Group gatherings affect the dispersion performance and use effect of boron powder.Therefore,amorphous boron powder should be sealed in a vacuum package and stored in a cool and dry room without exposure to air. In addition,amorphous boron powder should be avoided under stress.

Amorphous boron powder price:

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Suppliers of amorphous boron powder:

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