Vanadium carbide VC powder CAS 12070-10-9

Vanadium carbide VC powder has good electrical and thermal conductivity,so it is widely used in the fields of iron and steel metallurgy,cemented carbide,electronic products,catalysts and high-temperature coating materials.</br> Purity:99%</br> Size:325mesh</br>

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Overview of vanadium carbide VC powder:

Vanadium carbide VC powder is an inorganic compound whose molecular formula is VC. Black cubic crystals.The melting point is 2810°C,the boiling point is 3900°C,and the relative density is 5.77.The hardness is 9-9.5 Moher,slightly higher than quartz.It may be the hardest metal carbide known.Vanadium carbide is commonly found in vanadium metals and alloys.Vanadium carbide can be prepared by reducing vanadium pentoxide with coke.Mainly used in the manufacture of vanadium steel.Can be used as cemented carbide additives for cemented carbide.

It has the same structure as vanadium monoxide and crystallizes in the rock salt structure.Since VC and VO are mutually soluble,VC samples usually contain oxide impurities.It is made by heating vanadium oxide and carbon at a temperature of about 1000°C.Although VC is thermodynamically stable,it converts to V2C at higher temperatures.

Vanadium carbide,chemical formula VC,molecular weight 62.95,carbon content 19.08%,density 5.41g/cm3,melting point 2800℃,boiling point 3900℃.Vanadium carbide is a gray metal powder with a NaCl type cubic structure and a crystallization constant of 4.182.One kind. Carbides are chemically stable and have excellent high temperature performance.It can be used in cutting tools and steel industry,and can also be used as an additive to refine WC cemented carbide to improve the properties of the alloy.

Application of vanadium carbide VC powder:

What are the applications of vanadium carbide VC powder?

Vanadium carbide VC powder has a wide range of applications.Among them, adding vanadium carbide to steel can improve the comprehensive wear resistance,corrosion resistance,toughness,strength,ductility, hardness and thermal fatigue resistance of steel,and can be used as a wear-resistant material for different cutting and wear.Resistant to tools.

Vanadium carbide VC powder is widely used as a new type of catalyst due to its high activity,selectivity,stability and resistance to"catalyst poisoning"in hydrocarbon reactions.

Vanadium carbide VC powder can also be used as a new carbon source for synthetic diamonds.Vanadium carbide acts as a grain inhibitor in the field of cemented carbide and cermets,and can effectively prevent the growth of WC grains during the sintering process.

Vanadium carbide VC powder is used as an additive to cemented carbide to refine carbide crystals,thereby increasing the hardness of the blade.

Vanadium carbide VC powder can be used as a grain refiner in cemented carbide,cutting tools and steelmaking industries, which can significantly improve alloy properties.

Vanadium carbide VC powder is used to cut hard alloys to produce wear-resistant films and semiconductor films.

Price of vanadium carbide VC powder:

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Suppliers of vanadium carbide:

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