Titanium carbide TiC powder CAS 12070-08-5

The chemical formula TiC has a molecular weight of 59.89.Grey powder,usually used for making cemented carbide,also used as electrode and abrasive of arc lamp.</br> Particle Size:-325mesh</br> Purity:99%</br>

Product Details

Overview of titanium carbide TiC powder:

Titanium carbide TiC powder is a crystalline solid with gray metallic luster.It is hard in quality,second only to diamond in hardness,and weak in magnetism.The molecular weight is 59.89,the melting point is 3140°C,the boiling point is 4820°C,and the relative density is 4.93.Hardness 9-10.Insoluble in water,soluble in nitric acid and aqua regia.Titanium Carbide TiC powder is stable to air below 800℃,corroded by air above 2000℃,and can react with pure oxygen at 1150℃.Used in the manufacture of cemented carbide,also used as electrodes and abrasives for arc lamps.

Application of titanium carbide TiC powder:

What is the scope of application of titanium carbide TiC powder?

1.Titanium carbide powder is used for high temperature thermal spraying materials,welding materials,hard film materials,military aviation materials,carbides and cermets.

2.Titanium carbide powder used as an additive in thermistor production to improve wear resistance.

3.Titanium carbide powder has a NaCl type cubic crystal structure,and 6% to 30% TiC is added to WC-Co cemented carbide to form a TiC-WC solid solution with WC,which can significantly improve the red heat and the wear resistance of the alloy.Anti-oxidation,anti-corrosion and other properties,more suitable for processing steel than WC-Co cemented carbide.It is also possible to use alloys such as Ni-Mo as a binder to form a tungsten-free cemented carbide,which can increase the turning speed and the accuracy and smoothness of the workpiece.

4.Used as cutting tool materials and additives for metal bismuth,zinc and cadmium smelting crucibles to prepare semiconductor wear-resistant films,HDD large-capacity storage equipment,is an important component of cemented carbide,used as a deoxidizer in the steelmaking industry,It is also used as a cermet,which has the characteristics of high hardness,corrosion resistance and good thermal stability.

Titanium carbide TiC powder price:

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Titanium carbide TiC powder suppliers:

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