Molybdenum Carbide Mo2C Powder CAS 12069-89-5

Molybdenum Carbide, with the chemical formula Mo2C. It has the characteristics of high melting point and hardness, good thermal stability and mechanical stability.<br/> Particle Size: -325mesh<br/> Purity: 99%<br/>

Product Details

Overview of molybdenum carbide Mo2C powder:

The molecular formula of molybdenum carbide is Mo2C, the molecular weight is 203.88, and the carbon content is 5.89%. It is a dark gray metal powder with a closely packed hexagonal lattice. The density is 9.18g/cm and the melting point is 2690℃. As a new type of functional material, it has a high melting point and hardness, good thermal and mechanical stability, and good corrosion resistance. It has been widely used for high-temperature resistance, wear resistance, and chemical corrosion resistance. site.

Molybdenum carbide has a hexagonal crystal structure, a = 0.30029 nm and c = 0.472895 nm. The micro Vickers hardness (load 50g) is 1950kg/mm2 (compared to 2080kg for WC). / mm2 is softer) The melting point is 2687℃.

Application of molybdenum carbide Mo2C powder:

Uses of molybdenum carbide Mo2C powder?

Molybdenum carbide is a new type of functional material with a high melting point, high hardness, and excellent corrosion resistance. It has been widely used in various high temperature, wear, and chemical corrosion fields. It has a similar noble metal electronic structure and catalytic properties.

1. Because of its electronic structure and catalytic performance similar to noble metals, molybdenum carbide can be widely used as a catalyst for reactions involving hydrogens, such as the isomerization of alkanes, the hydrogenation of unsaturated hydrocarbons, hydrodesulfurization, and denitrification;

2. Molybdenum carbide is an important part of molybdenum carbide hard coatings and other cermet coatings, and can also be used alone as wear-resistant and wear-resistant coatings;

2. Molybdenum carbide is widely used in hydrogen-related reactions such as alkanes;

3. Molybdenum carbide can be used to produce chromium-free special alloys and engineering ceramics;

4. Molybdenum carbide is used as super-hard tool material, wear-resistant material, heating element material, and high-temperature structural material;

5. Molybdenum carbide is used to produce wear-resistant films and semiconductor films;

6. Molybdenum carbide can be used to manufacture special alloys and engineering ceramics that do not contain chromium;

The price of molybdenum carbide Mo2C powder:

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Supplier of molybdenum carbide Mo2C powder:

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